September 27, 2023

We Read Prop 22 So You Don't Have To...

Prop 22 Text

Annotated version

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Acceptance rates might matter less

(b) The network company does not require the app-based driver to accept any specific rideshare service or delivery service request as a condition of maintaining access to the network company's online-enabled application or platform.

Can't do concurrent trips, can multi-app

The network company does not restrict the app-based driver from performing rideshare services or delivery services through other network companies except during engaged time.

Must reference specifics in contract to produce grounds for termination

Minimum compensation

  • Based on state minimum wage, although city specific applies if higher
  • 120% of the minimum wage
  • $0.30 per engaged mile for vehicle expenses

Quarterly healthcare subsidy by each company to qualifying app-based drivers

  1. 25+ hours average per week of engage time: 100% of the average ACA contribution for California
  2. 15+ hours average per week of engage time: 50% of the average ACA contribution for California

PROOF OF ENROLLMENT MAY BE REQUIRED - prior to 15 days at end of quarter

Engaged miles includes all miles driven from the moment the driver accepts a passenger or delivery on the app, to include mileage driving to pick up the passenger or the food or item, and mileage to the delivery destination.

Network companies shall provide to drivers quarterly:

  • The number of hours of engaged time accrued during earnings period
  • Number of hours of engaged time accrued during quarter

Occupational accident insurance will be provided

Medical expenses up to $1M

Disability = 66% of app-based drviers's average weekly earnings from all network companies

Criminal background check: network company shall conduct or have a 3rd party conduct, prior to permitting a driver to utilize the network company's app. Company shall provide physical or electronic copies of the initial criminal background check to the driver.

Training prior to using the app, can be done online, video or in-person:

  • Collision avoidance and defensive driving techniques
  • Identification of collision-causing elements such as excessive speed, DUI, distracted driving
  • Food information for food delivery, temp control
  • Sexual assault + misconduct

Can't be online more than 12 hours in a 24 hour period, unless 6 hours in between has passed

Fraudulently impersonating a delivery / rideshare person: $10K fine or county jail for up to 6 months

If local politicians try to overturn this, or if they refuse to defend it in court:

  • Attorney General will; appoint independent counsel to defend

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