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February 25, 2024

20 Legit Independent Contractor Jobs That Pay Well in 2023

Have you been looking to begin working as an independent contractor? There are numerous different reasons why people pack in their old jobs to become independent contractors. However, it's not always clear how to begin working for yourself, and when opportunities do arise, they often seem to be low-paying. That's not always the case, though. As such, today, we have outlined some of the key independent contractor gig and delivery jobs you need to know to help make the most of opportunities near you.


While there's no single reason you might want to take on independent contractor jobs, it's worth keeping in mind that several key benefits could work well for your needs. Some of the biggest perks of working as an independent contractor are as follows:

  • Control: When you work as an independent contractor, you retain control over your earnings and how you use them. By contrast, in regular jobs, the amount you bring in for the business isn't necessarily what you'll receive at the end of the day.
  • Flexibility: When you work as an independent delivery contractor, you'll get the chance to enjoy excellent flexibility overall. You won't be tied into set working patterns, meaning you'll enjoy flexible working patterns based on your own preferences.
  • Limitless: One of the great features of working as an independent contractor is that it offers flexibility. Similarly, this also means you're free to work as much as you want. As such, whether you're wanting to work six hours or sixty ' it's entirely up to you!

However, while working as an independent contractor can be valuable, it's crucial to keep in mind that not every gig job is created equally. Moreover, you'll often be paid on a piece-rate basis as an independent contractor. While this can be great for hard workers, it's important to calculate your hourly rate carefully.

While around 25% of people work in the gig economy, many won't be earning a good hourly rate. In fact, the average income for independent contractors is just $20. Comparatively, the average US income is around $11 to $29 for all workers. As such, since independent contractors tend to earn ' on average ' a pretty generic rate for the work they do, taking steps to find new and exciting opportunities is very important.

Can I Work as an Independent Contractor Driving Jobs Alongside My Normal Career?

If you already have a stable career but want to increase your earnings, you could always work as a gig worker alongside your regular career. The nature of gig work means that you can easily complete gig work in your free time outside of work or during days off, helping maximize your income accordingly.


If you think working as an independent contractor could be right for you, the following twenty options could all be excellent, legitimate jobs. Whether you choose just one app or want to give multiapping a try, there are plenty of options available to help!

#1 Uber

Earning potential: up to $22 per hour

As one of the most well-known apps for independent delivery contractor jobs, it's easy to see why so many people sing Uber's praises. Indeed, Uber offers plenty of earning opportunities with a broad user base covering many US cities. In fact, Uber's responsible for around 71% of all sales. As such, no matter where you live in the country, there are likely to be opportunities with the Uber platform.

Drive for Uber

#2 Lyft

Earning potential: up to $30 per hour

Though it's not as big as the Uber platform, there's no doubt that Lyft can be a hugely valuable earning tool for many people. Indeed, the Lyft platform is incredibly popular for earning online, and many people love the freedom the app can offer.

Drive for Lyft

#3 ParaWorks for Drivers

Earning potential: up to $50 per hour

Another brilliant option for those looking to make money on the side is ParaWorks. ParaWorks is a dedicated tool that helps connect food delivery drivers and gig workers with the best gig apps and opportunities on the market.

This excellent solution provides reliable, professional gig work and helps ParaWorks users skip the normal waiting times for approval ' meaning you can get to work more quickly!

In addition, the Para delivery driver app can also provide numerous important pieces of information for your gig work. This includes information about drop-off addresses, expected rates of pay, and so much more. As such, to further streamline your gig work, make sure to give Para a go.

Try ParaWorks

#4 GrubHub

Earning potential: up to $30 per hour

Though it's not quite as well known as some of the big names in the food delivery market, there's no doubt that delivery driving with GrubHub can be lucrative. In fact, it's possible to make $1000 a week delivery for GrubHub ' so keeping some key earning tips in mind could really help. GrubHub offers numerous home delivery solutions

Drive for Grubhub

#5 UberEats

Earning potential: up to $25 per hour

Another excellent earning opportunity is UberEats, which offers numerous opportunities for those wanting to earn more from home. Indeed, the UberEats platform is one of the largest online delivery apps, with a total market share of around 25%. Plus, learning how Uber Eats assigns drivers can help drivers get even more from their earning opportunities.

Try UberEats

#6 PostMates

Earning potential: up to $20 per hour

PostMates is a part of the Uber delivery group, but don't let that fool you ' it's also its own delivery service and provides excellent options for many people. Better still, you can make up to $20 per hour relatively easily, and its seamless platform further helps make it a popular option.

Try Postmates

#7 InstaCart

Earning potential: up to $23 per hour

Another big name in the online independent gig work field is Instacart. With Instacart, users pick up and deliver shopping on behalf of customers, receiving payment for the service accordingly. If you don't fancy the hustle of late-night meal deliveries, Instacart may be a great option to consider.

Try Instacart

#8 Shipt

Earning potential: up to $22 per hour

Regarding gig apps, Shipt could offer an excellent solution if you've been looking for new ways to boost your earning opportunities. Indeed, the Shipt app is a great place to look if you have been looking to get started with grocery deliveries, and the nature of the app's partnership with Target helps ensure a good flow of work.

Try Shipt

#9 Amazon Flex & Fresh

Earning potential: up to $25 per hour

Amazon Flex has rapidly grown in popularity as a delivery platform. As a further benefit, it's well worth considering that the app also supports both fresh deliveries and parcel deliveries, so no matter your preference, there may be a good option for you. The main difference between Flex and other delivery apps is that you'll usually work on a delivery block of time rather than accepting individual deliveries, allowing you to complete more deliveries at once.

Try Amazon Fresh

#10 Caviar

Earning potential: up to $25 per hour

Delivery driving is rapidly growing in popularity ' but one of the remaining niches that's largely remained untapped is for a premium delivery service. This was something Caviar recognized, and they set out to launch a new delivery app with a focus on premium solutions. As such, you'll need to meet several more specific requirements to become a Caviar delivery driver ' but there are undoubtedly good opportunities available if you meet these criteria.

Try Caviar

#11 Fiverr

Earning potential: up to $25 per hour

When it comes to online earning platforms, Fiverr is undoubtedly a popular option. As one of the best places to find independent contractor jobs, the platform allows creatives to outsource their services and find clients directly. From writing to art and more, it's a great place to begin working as an independent contractor.

Try Fiverr

#12 Rover

Earning potential: up to $30 per hour

If you love dogs, Rover is a brilliant place to begin working as an independent contractor. With the app, clients pay for pet sitting and pet walking services directly. This makes it a great place to find new clients and make a side income.

Try Rover

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#13 GoPuff

Earning potential: up to $20 per hour

Depending on how you work, there could be good earning opportunities with the Go Puff platform. While the regular income may fluctuate somewhat and be lower than most delivery sites, with the right approach, you can obtain bonuses that help increase your earnings to around $20 per hour ' not a bad rate at all. Go Puff focuses on the sort of items you'd find in a typical convenience store, so orders for snacks and drinks are pretty common.

Try GoPuff

#14 BiteSquad

Earning potential: up to $19 per hour

Bite Squad offers numerous different food delivery services for local restaurants, and is available across over thirty cities. With a total of 10,000 restaurants partnering with the BiteSquad app for home deliveries, it's definitely a good option for drivers wanting something other than the norm. Plus, delivery drivers typically make up to around $19 per hour, which is relatively food for a delivery app before integrating tools such as Para.

Try BiteSquad

#15 TaskRabbit

Earning potential: up to $33 per hour

As the name would suggest, the TaskRabbit platform offers a simple destination for people looking to quickly complete tasks ' such as deliveries ' for cash. Taskers can also help with many other projects, such as furniture assembly.

Try TaskRabbit

#16 Gigwalk

Earning potential: up to $50 per hour

For gig economy workers, GigWalk could be an excellent destination to consider if you've been looking for reliable, effective solutions. GigWalk allows workers to begin their side hustle and make money on the side of their regular work with secret shopping, offering a surprisingly simple way to make a little extra.

Try GigWalk

#17 Saucey

Earning potential: up to $15 per hour

It's not the highest-paying independent contractor delivery jobs option, but Saucey is still a good contender for decent earnings when integrated as part of a multi-app with Para strategy. However, one hugely important factor to keep in mind here is that Saucey's alcohol delivery services are very straightforward and quick, allowing for a quick turnover between other jobs.

Try Saucey

#18 Favor

Earning potential: up to $28 per hour

Technically speaking, Favor is a personal assistant app rather than a delivery app ' but it's still a good place to look if you've been looking to earn as an independent contractor. Favor allows users to take orders from clients for services ' including food deliveries ' making it a good place to start your search.

Try Favor

#19 Bagged n' Brought

Earning potential: up to $25 per hour

Though it doesn't offer quite as many earning opportunities as some delivery apps, Bagged n' Broguth is a popular choice for ParaWorks users. This handy app is easy to use and provides numerous delivery services. It also pays next day through ParaWorks, so if you need a little extra last-minute cash, this is a great option to start with.

Try Bagged N Brought

#20 Point Pickup

Earning potential: up to $12 per hour

If you live on the East Coast, Point Pickup can be an excellent solution to consider. Indeed, though Point Pickup is only available locally, it offers plenty of earning opportunities for locals. Plus, you can easily control the orders you accept through the app, giving greater versatility overall.

Try PointPickup


Ready to take the plunge and become an independent contractor? There's a lot to love about working for yourself and being your own boss. It's perhaps no surprise that so many people are embracing this opportunity.

However, if you've been curious about starting with the best independent contractor jobs, we strongly recommend you take steps to reduce the risk of getting caught out. Indeed, finding the best independent contractor jobs takes time. Ensuring you have a backup in place in the meantime is crucial.

Not sure where to start? Tired of waiting for ages for approval? Join the ParaWorks gig worker platform to optimize and streamline your earnings. You might just find it's one of the simplest changes you can make

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