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The Most Lucrative Holidays to be a Gig Economy Driver

Have you ever wondered about the best and most lucrative holidays to be a gig economy driver? Working as a gig driver can offer many potential benefits, and keeping this in mind could help you find the ideal solutions for your own earning opportunities. With this thought in mind, today, we're looking at some of the key things you need to know about working during the holidays as a gig economy worker. You might be surprised by how lucrative earning opportunities during the holidays can be!


As a gig worker, you might consider taking extended time off work somewhat unpleasant. Indeed, it's a well-known trend for gig workers and freelancers to be incredibly dedicated to their work ' often meaning that they work solidly through the holidays. However, it's always worth asking yourself: is this actually worthwhile?

Indeed, you should always keep the value of your time in mind when working as a gig driver ' after all, while many of us simply take on any and all work going, often working well over forty hours a week, this doesn't necessarily mean you'll be making a good income. So, the question here stands: is it worth working as a gig economy driver during the holidays?

What are the Benefits of Working as a Gig Economy Driver During the Holidays?

There are several potential reasons you might want to work as a gig economy driver during the holidays. Of course, it's worth considering that the exact benefits may vary from person to person, but the following perks could be worth noting.

First of all, it's well worth remembering that the opportunities for gig drivers can climb massively during the holidays, with people traveling to new locations and (in some cases) enjoying a little more in the way of alcohol than they perhaps should! With this thought in mind, ensuring that there's a safe way for them to get home is often important ' which is where rideshare drivers come in!

What's more, in addition to the need for travel, there are also countless excellent opportunities for drivers who do food deliveries, too! Especially over Christmas, the number of food delivery orders tends to jump massively in line with a growing number of households choosing instead to order-in part of their festive meals rather than cooking everything from scratch. With this thought in mind, if you're around during the festive period, there are plenty of awesome opportunities for work in the gig economy in many cases.

Finally, it's well worth noting that, during the holidays, it's also common for many of us to be off work regardless. As such, if you're a part-time gig worker alongside your who normally drives around your normal working hours, the holidays can be an excellent opportunity to increase your earnings accordingly during the time you'd otherwise be away from the office. If you get paid time off during the holidays, that's even better!


If you're a gig driver, it's important to consider which holidays offer work opportunities. First of all, we should clarify that every holiday has unique options and opportunities for gig work ' however, the exact work that suits you best will vary depending on your region and the type of work you do. Remember to time your work carefully around the holiday, as you shouldn't work more than 12 hours per day.

What is the Best Holiday to Work In For Food Delivery Drivers?

As a food delivery driver, finding the optimal solutions for your delivery times is crucial. Of course, outside of the holiday season, there are always certain days that are best to work as a food delivery driver and others that may be a lot slower. However, as part of your decision, it's also important to factor in holidays as part of this decision, as these can have a huge amount of influence on when people order takeaways for home delivery.

Plus, during holidays, it's also commonly seen that people tend to be much more generous, leaving tips worth around 22% extra on average. As such, if you usually receive around $30 per day in tips, you could be looking at an earnings increase of around $40 per week throughout the holiday period just from generous tips. That's certainly a welcome change if you ask us!

In terms of the best holidays to work as a food delivery driver, the obvious choice is around events that are highly focused on food and dining. In a growing number of cases, families are looking to make the most of their time together during holiday events, and this can mean that the traditional meal gets a little sidelined. However, with the average Thanksgiving and Christmas spend on meals being $64 and $152, the cost of buying a pre-cooked meal can be surprisingly appealing.

Fortunately, food delivery services are helping overcome this challenge, offering direct-to-the-door delivery of side dishes and (in some cases) even full main meals! This offers an amazing opportunity for families to enjoy quality time together without having to stress about the time needed to cook a hearty and delicious meal.

As a result of this, some of the most valuable holidays for food delivery drivers include Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas (celebrated by 92% of people). Other events where people may be likely to also host parties and meals could also be a good option to consider as part of this decision.

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What is the Best Holiday to Work In For Rideshare Drivers?

If you're a rideshare driver, judging which holidays are likely to be profitable can be a little more tricky than for food delivery drivers since this relies on you being able to tell when people are likely going to need lifts ' not always an easy thing to predict! With that being said, the best holiday for rideshare drivers to work is usually on New Years' Eve and, even more critically, New Years' Day ' the morning of, that is!

With thousands of people out in every city for New Years' Eve celebrations and to watch in the new year, there's a huge amount of potential for riders needing a lift home after a night of celebrating! However, this means you may be working with individuals who are a little tipsy than usual, which not all drivers will necessarily be comfortable with. Well over half of Americans tend to drink for New Years' Eve celebrations, so this is definitely a significant number to keep in mind when planning your work during the holiday season. A smaller proportion of 15.19% and 20.22% of people travel for Thanksgiving and Christmas, respectively, and 27.17% travel for both events.

It's also worth keeping in mind that certain times of day during other events may have opportunities for lifts, but these will likely be very time-sensitive. For example, on Thanksgiving and Christmas day, people may need a lift to get to a family member's house just before the main meal or to get home in the evening. However, these are not always as easy to predict, so the main strategy to consider here if you want to rideshare on these holidays is to keep yourself logged in while busying yourself with other activities and see if any worthwhile local jobs come up, especially around lunchtime.

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For the most part, working during the holidays as a gig driver can be an excellent option to consider since this can massively bolster your earnings! However, there's a significant catch here: not all holidays are created equally. And so, while you can earn a good income from many of them, there are several holidays you might want to avoid working on (as the income potential may not be as good).

When is this? Well, perhaps the main holidays to avoid are New Years' Day (after the initial rush in the morning) and any subsequent events or celebrations in your city afterward. In addition, local holidays and festivals can also significantly slow down traffic in your area, making earnings much less

While you're free to work during these holidays if you so wish, it's common for many people to spend time with their families rather than traveling. As such, bar the occasional trip between homes, the number of opportunities for rides during minor events may be lower.

It's important to remember here that the most lucrative holidays to be a gig economy driver may also vary depending on your location. Indeed, if you live in a busy city, there may still be some ride opportunities that you could take during these holidays. However, they'll probably still be fewer and further between than in other holiday seasons, so it's worth considering whether or not it's worth the time to drive on Christmas and Thanksgiving at all. If you do decide to drive for these days, try to time your deliveries accordingly.


In many cases, the best holidays for rideshare drivers don't always agree with the best holidays for delivery drivers. Fortunately, this means that working during the holidays as a gig driver has plenty of opportunities if you decide to work on both food delivery and rideshare apps.

Fortunately, this is where the Para driver utility tool comes in. Indeed, the Para delivery driver app is designed to help streamline your work on platforms such as Lyft, Uber, GrubHub, and Uber Eats. Altogether, this can make working as a food delivery driver and a rideshare driver far easier than may have been the case otherwise ' giving you a chance to bolster your income during the holiday period.

The Benefits of Gig Work with Para

How can the Para app help streamline your earning opportunities? Well, there are numerous great features that make the Para gig driver app a valuable tool for people looking to improve their income potential. Some of the main benefits that the Para app can offer include the following:

  • Auto accept and decline orders and offers that don't meet your pre-determined requirements for earning opportunities, ensuring you spend more time on the road and less time sorting through drive offers.
  • Passenger ratings for rideshare drivers help you avoid picking up any passengers who have given other drivers grief in the past. After all, working as a gig rideshare driver should never be a stressful experience, and luckily, Para is helping make each ride a little easier overall.
  • Para is your gig HQ for all things related to your delivery work. Unlike other delivery apps, Para makes working on multiple apps at a single time incredibly easy. No wonder it's one of the most highly-rated personal dispatch tool options on the market!
  • The in-built flagging system ensures that you can mark up any bad experiences you've had with past food delivery customers so as not to take them on again. Indeed, if a customer doesn't leave a tip or isn't very helpful or receptive after you've made their delivery, you shouldn't have to work with them again in our eyes!
  • Drop off addresses help you know where you're going, making it easier to plan your trips and stay one step ahead of the game. If a potential order is going to see you traveling far away from the main hustle and bustle, you'll need to spend longer getting back into town. And, of course, this is all unpaid time that you could be using more productively with other customers!
  • Estimated total payout values are available to make it easier than ever to judge how much you're likely to make on your earnings. Estimated total payout values help you choose orders that will hopefully pay more ' reducing the risk of taking on unprofitable gigs that won't give you a fair rate for the time involved.

If you think that these features could help with your own gig work goals, be sure to download the Para app. Para is available on both the App Store and the Google Play store, ensuring that all gig drivers will have the opportunity to find their ideal delivery options.

What's not to love? So, find new opportunities for your driving needs ' whether you have a favorite delivery driver app or if you are looking to learn how to integrate multiapping, Para might be just the holiday tool you need.

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If you've been looking to work as a gig driver, there are numerous potential options you could consider. However, where possible, we strongly recommend that you try to work during the holiday months, as the potential income becomes massively appealing in many cases. You might just be surprised by the amount you can potentially earn by working during the festive and holiday seasons!

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