All About Multiapping
February 25, 2024

To drive for multiple apps at the same time or not?

Driving for multiple apps at the same time is also called "multi-apping".

In the gig economy, independent contractors have been working on apps such as DoorDash, Uber Eats and Grubhub for a long time. Some have mastered these apps, become elite drivers, and gotten the most value possible from one app. Others have taken it up a notch and used the strategy of "multi-apping" to earn more money.

What is multi-apping?

"Multi-apping" is used in the gig economy by gig workers / drivers, specifically for food delivery, rideshare, and shopping sectors. This is where one person signs on multiple apps at once and can take offers from more than one app at a time.

Drivers may stagger out offers with multiple apps on at once or stack offers from multiple apps at the same time.

(For example, having DoorDash and Grubhub both on and taking an offer for both platforms that are going in the same direction. Or you can have both on and widen your opportunities by taking the best offer regardless of which app, then pausing the other app while you complete the job you accepted.)

Should you multi-app? The short answer is yes.

Reasons to multi-app:

  1. You can make more money per hour.
  2. You can get more offers to choose from.
  3. You can stack offers from multiple apps at one time.
  4. You can stagger out offers and always have something queued up.
  5. You achieve flexibility, freedom, and financial strategy.
  6. You are no longer reliant on one app, you can BE YOUR OWN BOSS!

However, it can be more dangerous and stressful to manage more than one app at a time. The individual platforms are making it more difficult to open other apps while you're on the job.

Stay tuned for future blogs with advice on HOW to multi-app and if it's for you.

While we, at Para, are currently providing you more information to earn more on one app, our mission is to make it easier to multi-app because it is key to earning more.

As an independent contractor, it's your right to be able to work the way you want and gig platforms shouldn't be making it harder. We are also building a "personal dispatch" tool that will help you multi-app in one place, more easily and safely.

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