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February 25, 2024

How Do I Make $1000 a Week on GrubHub?

Have you ever wondered, 'how do I make $1000 a week on Grubhub?' If this is something you have been considering, our experts are on hand today to help you find out some of the key things you should know about making $1000 a week (over $50k a year!) on GrubHub. As such, today, we're looking at some of the key things you should know about how much GrubHub drivers make per delivery and how this translates into a full-time income. Plus, we'll also give some key tips to help boost your delivery driving; hopefully, this will give you new opportunities to bolster your income overall.


We've outlined before how to make $500 a week with DoorDash ' but can you scale this up? Is it even possible to make $1000 a week with GrubHub? Well, it's not necessarily straightforward, but it's absolutely possible to make $1000 a week with GrubHub if you take a few key steps.

But remember: in order to make the most of your deliveries via GrubHub, it's vital to take a few steps to optimize your delivery value. Luckily, we've summarized some basic things you should know as follows.

Can You Make $200 a Day With GrubHub?

First of all, if you're looking to learn how to make $1000 a week on GrubHub, it's worth considering that you'll likely want to work around five days per week on average. Indeed, the average American worker goes to work five days a week. So, if you're looking to switch out your standard job, a five-day working week may be worth considering.

This would equate to around $200 per day ' but if you wanted to work fewer or more days, that would be entirely up to you. Of course, this is before expenses and tax; so if you want to make $1000 per week as take-home pay, you'll need to spend a few more hours per week driving.

How Many Hours Does $200 a Day Equate To on Average?

The average hourly rate on GrubHub varies considerably. This is since the GrubHub payment structure ' as with many delivery apps ' is based on a piece rate. Because of this, you get paid per delivery, not per hour; therefore, there's no set hourly rate for payments with DoorDash.

However, it's important to consider that this will depend on factors such as how far the delivery distance might be and how much your customer will tip. Thus, we highly recommend giving every customer the best possible service to increase your chances of getting good tips for your GrubHub payments.

After considering the above, the average hourly rate of GrubHub drivers varies between $12 and $19, as standard. Therefore, on average, you might expect to make around $15 per hour with GrubHub without focusing on ways to increase your earnings (we'll cover this later). Based on this, to make $200 per day with GrubHub on an average hourly rate, you'll likely need to work around 13+ hours per day or around 66 hours per week.

We should also point out here that the average worker in the US works for around 34.4 hours per week, according to As such, if you made a roughly average hourly rate on GrubHub, you'd have to work almost twice as much. Surely that can't be, right?

If we re-do the calculation at the higher end of the average at $19 per hour, you'd need to work 10.5 hours per day to make $200. This would equate to 52 hours per week or so ' still a lot more!

As such, while we can see that it is potentially possible to make $200 per day with GrubHub, it's not easy. A 50-hour week is incredibly long for anyone ' by the end of the week, you'd probably be feeling ready to never see a takeaway again! But what if there were ways to boost your income, so you didn't have to overwork?


If you want to cut your weekly hours from 52 hours per week to around 35 hours per week (or less), you'll need to increase your hourly rate. Luckily, since GrubHub pays on a piece rate, you can easily increase your earnings with GrubHub by simply working more efficiently! That means no awkward conversations with your boss asking for a raise. But, of course, this does require a little intuition to ensure you're driving as efficiently as possible ' something that's not always easy.

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Take On More Deliveries Per Hour

One of the easiest ways to increase your earnings per hour is to complete more deliveries per hour. This doesn't mean you should drive dangerously quickly between restaurants and customers; however, you can pick up multiple orders on a single delivery run with GrubHub. Let's give an example.

Suppose you've been offered two orders: one delivery worth $5 that will take 20 minutes and one delivery that pays $7 for 30 minutes. If you did these deliveries separately, you would earn a rate of $15 or $14, respectively.

However, let's suppose these two deliveries were on the same route, and you could complete both deliveries within 40 minutes. This would allow you to earn $12 in 40 minutes or $18 per hour.

This simple change by taking on multiple orders for each delivery route could substantially boost your earnings. Plus, the more orders you can take at once, the more you can boost your income through this. Before accepting any additional deliveries on a single route, be sure you can complete the delivery on time. If your customers' food arrives cold because you tried to do too many deliveries and the route took too long, they may end up requesting a refund.

Cut Out Idle Time

Idle time is incredibly important to cut from your deliveries since it can drastically reduce your income potential. Just 6 minutes sitting around waiting for orders can represent 10% of your hour gone. This could cut your potential income by around $1.50 per hour (based on a $15 per hour average). As such, if you want to bolster your income, cutting out idle time is crucial ' which you can achieve by streamlining your deliveries and ensuring idle time isn't a substantial issue for your deliveries. Never drop blocks!

How Multiapping Could be a Valuable Solution

Did you know that multiapping could be an excellent alternative to taking more deliveries? Apps such as DoorDash are excellent for earning higher hourly rates as standard. For example, DoorDash typically pays around $20 to $25 per hour; as such, if you've been struggling to make ends meet with your GrubHub driving, you could attempt to bolster your earnings through multiapping with Para.

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Take on Bigger or More Valuable Orders

One of the biggest sources of income for many delivery drivers is tips. Since it's generally customary to give a tip of around 15% or more, this can substantially impact your hourly rate.

Let's you complete two deliveries in an hour, worth $10 and $5 for an average hourly income of $15 per hour. As we've already clarified, this would require you to work over 60 hours per week to make $50k per year. However, as part of this, we also need to consider the impact tips could have. For example, an order for a full meal worth $100 would likely give a tip of $15. However, an order for a $5 burger might struggle to get a couple of dollars in tips.

As such, by aiming to take bigger orders ' for example, by focusing on restaurants specializing in meals versus small fast-food chains ' you'll be more likely to make a decent income. And, by boosting your tips by just $5 per hour, you could potentially cut the number of hours you need to work.

At $24 per hour, you could potentially earn $1000 a week on just over 8 hours a day. A little change can make a huge difference.

A couple of other tips:

  • Cash in on bonuses and referrals
  • Track your earnings and mileage for free using the Para app, and max out your tax deductions. Data is powerful and will help you strategize better - it's free - why not use it?


The average weekly income for United States workers is $1,030 per week or roughly $53,000 per year. As such, if you aim to earn $1000 per week before expenses and tax with GrubHub, you will be roughly comparable with the national average for income. Comparatively, the average delivery driver income in the US is around $27,100 to $42,600.

As such, if you can earn $1000 per week with GrubHub (or other delivery apps), you will be substantially better off than most delivery drivers ' potentially almost twice as much.


If you want to use GrubHub's 'instant cash out' feature, you can use the 'instant cash out' feature to withdraw up to $1000 per week. However, there is a limit of $500 per day; as such, you may instead want to make several withdrawals a week if you're planning to use this function. Otherwise, GrubHub payments are typically made on Thursdays.

However, the instant payment feature may not always be available, depending on your account. So, if you're new or if your account is limited to instant cash out, you may need to wait.


If you have been looking to bolster your earnings for GrubHub, the Para app might be an excellent option to consider. Para is specifically designed to offer numerous excellent features for its drivers, making it an excellent option for your gig HQ.

Some of the key features of the app for Para drivers include:

  • Estimated total payout so you can know before you accept an order
  • Dollar per mile, total drive time, and distance making it easier to accept more valuable orders
  • Delivery location - house or an apartment so you can decide whether or not to accept the order
  • Food ready by time, so you know how long you may have to wait
  • Flagging restaurants, properties, and buildings to help you avoid customers you've had bad experiences with during previous deliveries.
  • Earnings tracker
  • Mileage tracker

These features could be highly valuable for your delivery driving. So, please don't leave this to chance; choose the most effective solutions for your deliveries. The 'food ready by time' feature, in particular, is a vital way to cut your idle time, which is an important goal to ensure you're not sitting around waiting.

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For many people, GrubHub and delivery apps offer an excellent way to make a small side hustle income. However, for a smaller handful of people, GrubHub is a full-time income, which could be worth considering if you want to work for yourself without having a traditional employed job role. With this thought in mind, we have outlined some of the key things you should know today about how to make $1000 a week with GrubHub. Hopefully, this will help inform your goal. But, if you decide that earning $1000 a week is too much work for your time availability, don't worry; you can still make an excellent income through GrubHub and other delivery apps using the tips we have summarized today.

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