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Meet delivery demand whenever you need, wherever you want by tapping into Para’s national network of 100K+ gig delivery drivers. Stop paying for 10 background checks to hire 1!
Review interested profiles with current, complete background checks
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Verify recent activity delivering for Uber, Lyft, DoorDash, Grubhub, or UberEats
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Stop Spending For 10 To Hire 1

Current cost of driver acquisition

$245 - $490/driver

Pay for recruitment platforms
Spend on advertisements
Pay for 10 background checks to onboard
Pay for driver onboarding tool
Cost of team hours to onboard
Cost of acquiring drivers through Para

Starting at $30/driver

Para markets your brand to 100K+ drivers
Instantly review complete driver profiles, & resume
Get qualified candidates with completed background checks
Para integrates with your onboarding tool
Para helps with marketing, recruitment & verification through onboarding
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Receive Everything You Need To Move Drivers To The End of Your Onboarding Funnel

David Skeeter
Gig driving experience:
4 years
Drives for:
Uber, Doordash, Grubhub
Interested in:
Grocery delivery, Food Delivery, Catering Delivery, Package Delivery
Vehicle type:
Toyota Prius
Verified Background check
Verified Drivers License
Verified Drivers Insurance
Natalie Brinks
Gig driving experience:
6 years
Drives for:
Roadie, Instacart, UberEats, Spark, Frayt
Interested in:
Rideshare, Package Delivery, Pharmacy Delivery
Vehicle type:
Honda Civic
Verified Background check
Verified Drivers License
Verified Drivers Insurance
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Why Brands Choose Para For Driver Recruitment & Verification

Tap Into 100K+ National Delivery Driver Network

Para will market your online platform service & available jobs to 100K+ national delivery drivers and send qualified driver leads.

Pre-vetted, nationwide drivers
Seamless Integration!

Powerful, User-Friendly Tech

Para is user-friendly & integrates well with internal systems and processes, and is customizable to alternative platform integrations

Learn About The Drivers You’re Looking To Hire

Get access to the complete driver profile including their resume/work history, vehicle type, values, traits, motivations, etc.

Complete Insights!

Only Spend The Money On Drivers You Plan To Add To Your Team

Para allows you to only target drivers with background checks, but wait until later in the funnel (after they’ve completed a few successful trips on your platform) to get the BGC copy - so you can save your budget & only spend on the drivers you plan to add to your team.

Qualify Drivers Through The End Of Funnel In Days & Not Weeks

Reduce your recruitment lifecycle by 2 months! Para’s technology & resources move qualified drivers to the end of the funnel in days. Need drivers urgently? You only need Para.

Swift Recruitment!
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Food Delivery

Package Delivery

Catering Delivery

Care Giving Ride Service


Auto Parts Delivery

Businesses Like Yours Trust Para

Co-founder, Ohi

" Para was an excellent recruitment & verification partner & helped us expand our last-mile capabilities. Their flexibility, communication, and solution-oriented approach allowed us to lean on them as we grew while their friendly team made it a pleasure to do so. "

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Buffalo Market
Owner, Buffalo Market

" Add an entire workforce to get the gig delivery job done with Para so that you can focus on the core of your business! "

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Bolt Deliveries
Owner, Bolt Deliveries

" I appreciate Para. They have allowed me to expand my driver fleet at an incredible rate! Thank you! "

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Owner, Locale

" As a new, fast-growing customer-conscious company, we value Para's reliability as a driver recruitment and verification platform customized to our needs. We’ve now stopped turning down new customers thanks to Para! "

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Para Drivers Are Experienced And Reliable. You’ll Need To Recruit Far Fewer Of Them.

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