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February 25, 2024

How Much Does GrubHub Pay? Is Driving for GrubHub Really Worth It?

Have you ever wondered, 'how much does GrubHub pay?' Before you can begin delivery driving with GrubHub, it's naturally crucial to consider some of the key features of the GrubHub payment structure. Fortunately, with this thought in mind, our expert team is on hand today to help you find out more about working as a GrubHub delivery driver ' and answer some key questions you might have, such as how much can you make with GrubHub and who pays more, GrubHub vs. DoorDash?


How much does GrubHub pay its delivery drivers? There are numerous factors to consider in this regard since GrubHub does not offer its delivery drivers a set price for every hour or per delivery.

However, one notable feature of GrubHub we should mention before going further is that GrubHub guarantees its drivers a minimum hourly rate of $12 per hour. Of course, that's nothing to get excited about. However, considering many DoorDash drivers average just $10 per hour ' and stand a chance to make even less than that on some deliveries ' before accounting for fuel, it's safe to say that GrubHub's minimum delivery payment is likely better than DoorDash's.

GrubHub Payment per Hour

None of us want to work for minimum payments ' so how does the GrubHub payment system stack up for people earning an average rate of pay? Well, the average GrubHub income is usually around $20 per hour. That's not bad, although you will still need to take your fuel costs out of this. As such, after fuel costs, your hourly pay with GrubHub might be less than this.

The GrubHub Payment Structure

In order to understand how much GrubHub pays, we need to consider here that GrubHub payments are made based on several factors. These can be categorized as delivery pay and tips, which vary from order to order. As such, before accepting any order, you should always identify the potential profitability of a journey to ensure good value for money when delivery driving.

Understanding Delivery Pay

The base pay on GrubHub indicates the minimum a delivery driver will get for each delivery. This is similar to DoorDash, which also uses a 'base pay' feature, although this operates differently.

GrubHub's delivery pay is based on its drivers' anticipated time and costs for making a delivery. The two main components of GrubHub's deliver pay are:

  • Time spent on the road
  • Mileage per order

These two factors together help ensure GrubHub drivers get a minimum rate of pay for their deliveries. After all, as GrubHub explains, mileage alone doesn't always account for how long you spend driving. Even a one-mile drive could take ten minutes if an accident resulted in traffic, for example; as such, GrubHub drivers can often take confidence from the fact that their pay ' though not specifically based on an hourly rate ' is based on their real-world time spent.

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Tips: A Necessary Bonus

Generally, base pay is pretty low, hence why tips are often a necessary bonus to make delivery driving worthwhile. Tips are paid directly by the customer as an optional extra on top of delivery fees, and around 20% is the general recommend rate for services, including delivery drivers. However, many customers will not pay.

It's also worth considering that foreign customers, such as those from the United Kingdom, may not be accustomed to the generally accepted tipping principles in the US. This is since service staff in other countries are generally paid a higher rate comparatively by their employer; as such, when delivering to holiday makers, tips may be lower still or nonexistent.

There is no way to initially check the tip value directly within the GrubHub app. Instead, GrubHub will usually inform you of the tip value after you accept an order. This makes it difficult to predict accurately how much an order will be worth before accepting deliveries.

Special Offers

A final bonus on top of delivery pay and tips are special offers. Special offers, otherwise called missions, are time and market-limited goals that encourage drivers to complete more deliveries. GrubHub also sometimes offers sweepstakes for its delivery drivers, helping give drivers the potential to win a little more on top of their hourly rate in some cases.

How to Withdraw Earnings From GrubHub

Once you've begun earning on GrubHub, you'll need to withdraw your earnings from your account to receive payment. GrubHub drivers can withdraw up to $500 at one time per day with the app's Instant Cashout. Fortunately, fees on this are impressively low at just $0.50 for bank customers or free for Chase Bank customers! Alternatively, GrubHub also makes payments for its drivers by direct deposit on Thursdays.


If you've been thinking about becoming a delivery driver, you've likely also considered delivery for DoorDash ' one of the biggest US-based delivery companies. Both DoorDash and GrubHub offer pros and cons, so it's well worth balancing these out before deciding.

Payment per Hour

If payment per hour is a crucial metric for you, DoorDash might be the more obvious choice. DoorDash drivers typically achieve slightly higher average payments than GrubHub drivers per hour, so this can be appealing in many cases.

However, it's worth considering that DoorDash does not offer any payment guarantees. By contrast, GrubHub guarantees at least $12 per hour for its drivers, giving more confidence in the expected payout. As such, this is likely more a question of whether you prefer payment stability or potentially higher averages. However, if you're not sure, there's no reason to choose one or the other; it's perfectly possible to deliver for multiple delivery apps simultaneously!

Payment Structure

Payment structures are another area where DoorDash and GrubHub differ, but neither is necessarily better than the other.

DoorDash's base pay is determined based on the order value and ranges between $2 and $10. Meanwhile, GrubHub's payments are based on delivery distance and time and can be highly variable as such.

The suitability of each invariably comes down to individual orders and the generosity of payments; however, GrubHub is again more stable here, whereas DoorDash's payments may not always represent a profitable journey.

Tip Transparency

One of the biggest influences on how much you can earn as a delivery driver through either GrubHub or DoorDash is tips. Tips are paid by the customer to their delivery driver, similar to tips in a traditional restaurant. In many cases, tips can be worth 100% or more of the original base pay for the driver, highlighting how significant tip payments are for making a good income with GrubHub or DoorDash.

While GrubHub recommends that customers give a $5 minimum tip, there is no guarantee for customers to do so. As such, it's not uncommon for deliveries to be worth tips of just one or two dollars. Sometimes, tips may not be given at all ' and this can leave delivery drivers scraping by on minimal hourly rates.

What's the problem here? Well, tip transparency is a major issue for both GrubHub and DoorDash. While these platforms give 100% of tips to the drivers, they don't tell you how much tip you'll receive until after you've accepted a delivery job. As such, while you might be lucky enough to make a $50 tip on one delivery, you could make nothing on the next ten ' it's all a matter of probability and luck.

But it doesn't necessarily have to be this way. While tip transparency is a major source of frustration for many delivery drivers, it's possible to know before you go with specialist delivery driver HQ apps such as Para. This could substantially increase your earning potential. So, you may want to consider it as part of your decision overall.

For multi appers, drivers, deliverers and shoppers [Para Blog]Chandana RaghunathDoorDash vs. GrubHub: Which is Better for Drivers?In this article, we're considering the main pros and cons of DoorDash vs. GrubHub ' and answering the key question: is GrubHub or DoorDash better for drivers?
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If you've been looking for ways to increase your GrubHub earning potential, tools such as Para could offer valuable opportunities. With Para as your gig HQ, you can sort through deliveries to accept only valuable offers. In turn, this may help you find the most profitable deliveries.

Several key features of the Para app make it popular for delivery drivers. Using Para to increase earning potential is perhaps the most well-known. Other key features of the Para app for delivery drivers on GrubHub include:

  • Earnings tracker to see how much you've earned and how this breaks down
  • Mileage tracker, ensuring you know how far you've gone and how much fuel you've used
  • Dollar-per-mile estimates, and dollar-per-hour estimates, help you choose deliveries that are worth more
  • Total mileage, so you can predict the round-trip distance
  • Items lists, so you can see what's been ordered by the customer ' remember, large meals are much more likely to give bigger tips!
  • 'Food ready by' estimated times, helping streamline your orders rather than waiting around unproductively

These are just a handful of features on offer with the Para app for GrubHub delivery drivers. Together, these help drivers take on more profitable gigs and help streamline the earnings process, so you make more per hour rather than spending half of your time as downtime!

Plus, the Para app also makes multiapping both possible and practical. So, you can complete multiple deliveries on the same round trip for the best possible results. This simple change can quite literally triple your earning potential per hour. Look out for offers along a similar delivery route from multiple apps allows you to complete numerous deliveries in very nearly the same length of time; this makes it an invaluable option to consider.

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Is Para Reliable?

There's no point trying out an app if it's only going to let you down. Fortunately, the Para app is highly rated by many of its users on both Googe Play and the App Store, making it an excellent delivery driver app to consider.

But don't just take our word for it. The Para app is continually being developed to increase its efficiency, regularly providing new solutions for drivers to make the most of every delivery. What's more, on average, Para typically achieves around four star reviews out of five ' and just a handful of past reviews include:

Jordan Aves: 'I've constantly had to rely on my instincts and past experiences to choose whether or not to accept an order, especially in cases of sold by merchant. Far too many times, I've received little to no tip even on some of the biggest orders I've carried. Para allows me to have insight into my routes and possible income and it gives me peace of mind to know I can immediately decline a no tip order.'

Matthew Tombyll: 'It's great when there is an order that is kinda far that you normally wouldn't take, but you see that it's actually a $200 order; it definitely helps identify those possible hidden unicorns.'

Eddie Ramierz: 'Great app for tracking your daily earnings. The app tells you the order subtotal, order items, and the drive time. amazing app if you have GrubHub or DoorDash.'


Asking 'how much does GrubHub pay' is a tricky question to answer. In fact, the answer depends on so many different factors. For example, while the minimum GrubHub payment per hour might be $12 per hour, the average GrubHub pay is potentially around $20 per hour. So, depending on the types of orders you take on, you could make more or less with GrubHub. Plus, it's more than possible to make $500 per week or more with food delivery apps ' but if you're aiming for this and only making ��12 an hour, you'll need to work substantially more hours than someone making $30-$40 per hour with GrubHub or more.

Whatever the case might be, if you've been looking for a way to increase your GrubHub earning potential, plenty of opportunities are available. However, to ensure your delivery-driving efforts are profitable and seamless, we recommend using the Para app for tip prediction before you go. It's a simple change. Still, it might just change your earning potential with GrubHub.

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