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February 25, 2024

How Much Does DoorDash Pay An Hour

DoorDash is often considered one of the most lucrative home delivery options for freelancers. However, the pay for each gig varies, and there's no guarantee of a certain income. However, the company advises that the pay structure is split into three different categories: base pay, tips, and promotions.

How the DoorDash Pay Structure Works

The DoorDash pay structure is based on three metrics, and you are always guaranteed to get the base pay amount; that is the minimum pay for a successful delivery. Above this, you can also get tips and promotional bonuses to increase your income from DoorDash.

Base Pay

Base pay is available on all accepted and successful deliveries. The base pay starts at a minimum of $2. However, base pay can also increase depending on factors such as the delivery distance, etc; as such, the base pay can potentially increase to $10 or higher in some cases.


A key source of income to consider when asking how much does a DoorDash DoorDasher make or receive as pay per hour is tips. Tips are given by the customer directly, and they can often fall at around $5 to $10 per delivery. DoorDash also pays 100% of income tipped from customers directly to the delivery driver.


There are numerous promotions available for DoorDashers. These are usually available as a bonus for individual orders. However, a handful of promotions are paid as a bulk sum based on your income. Many promotions are circumstantial. However, others ' such as the Guaranteed Earnings Incentive ' are available for every DoorDasher to encourage people to begin making deliveries with the platform.

Average Annual Hourly Income for DoorDashers

The average income for most DoorDash drivers ranges between $15 and $25 per hour. You may also earn more than this if you get plenty of additional income from tips for your orders. If you can work during peak times or maximize your delivery efficiency, you could be on the higher end of this scale.

Remember: DoorDash pays per delivery, not per hour. As such, your hourly rate will be based on how many deliveries you complete per hour. If you completed three deliveries in an hour, each valued at $7 with a promotional bonus of 10% ($0.70), you would earn $7.70 per delivery. This would equate to an hourly rate of $23.10. However, in reality, the amount you earn (from DoorDash) per hour will likely vary between that $15 to $25 range; as such, you may be more likely to earn an average of around $20.

However, this is not guaranteed. Furthermore, you won't be able to see how much your tips are worth until you have completed the delivery. As such, not every single customer will tip. What's more, it's worth considering that some customers might leave a massive tip, while others may only offer a tip of $1 or $2.

A 'tip' to keep in mind: if you are delivering food to travelers visiting the United States, not getting tipped may be much more common as tipping isn't always customary as part of the service charge in countries such as the United Kingdom, for example, so holidaymakers may not help increase your earnings. With this in mind, you may want to avoid delivering to hotels if other options are available.

How Much Have Other People Made Through DoorDash?

It's always worth considering other people's earnings reviews when choosing a delivery platform. Unfortunately, these are often highly variable for platforms such as DoorDash, for the reasons we outlined. However, for those who have optimized their DoorDashing strategy (as we'll consider in a moment), earning money through DoorDash is actually potentially reliable.

One DoorDasher from Bismarck, ND explained that they have made as much as $200 in a single day DoorDashing, but they make on average around $14.88 an hour or $0.50 per mile.

Another DoorDasher from Lebanon, TN reported that they earn up to $20 per hour comfortably while working in their free time with DoorDash.

Finally, a former DoorDasher from San Antonio, TX reported that they earned around $20 per hour with DoorDash, but with the drawback of only being able to work for around 3 or 4 hours at most a day due to limited numbers of well-paying jobs at certain times of the day.

As such, among DoorDashers who take on lucrative jobs, a pay rate of $20 per hour is more than attainable. However, this is highly variable, and so you must consider the following tips. Hopefully, this may help you earn more with your own DoorDashing efforts.

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Tips for Earning Through DoorDash

If you want to make more when earning through DoorDash, there are several great tips to make more than you could consider. These include the following points:

  • Focus on busy times! When there's a lot going on at once, DoorDash tends to offer higher pay for deliveries as an incentive to get more drivers on board. As such, if you want to maximize your earning potential, make sure you're working at the right time of day.
  • Look for promotions. DoorDash offers its DoorDashers some simply excellent promotions, in many cases. However, these are not always as lucrative as they might seem, so pick and choose promotions carefully,
  • Be prepared to work in bad weather. So long as you're comfortable and confident driving in bad weather, you can massively increase your earning potential with this simple tip. Many people ' DoorDashers and customers alike ' tend to avoid going out when the weather's bad. As such, as recommended by Best Referral Driver, this means there'll be more orders available and more chances of getting generous tips from grateful customers, too.
  • Always factor fuel into your decisions. There's no point taking a DoorDash job if you've got to do a huge round trip for a very small pay packet. Make sure your chosen jobs account not only for time but also for your fuel bills, especially since gas prices are now increasing.
  • Lunch and dinner rushes are often the busiest for Doordash. It may make sense to try other options in between those times.
  • Many top-earning dashers have a strategy to earn more. This depends on your local market. Some take a 'hub-and-spoke model', staying around a central area that is busy. Others bounce between different busy zones. This will take time, but develop your local strategy.
  • Our data shows that tips drive a large % of earnings. Make sure you're able to know your tips before you go. ��Para helps with that to make the most of every delivery you complete. Para helps users to earn more from their food delivery efforts, ensuring you enjoy full tip transparency on every delivery (and helping you avoid those deliveries that don't offer much in the way of income).


We all want to make the most we possibly can, which may leave you wondering if you can make more. With this in mind, you may want to consider working for several home delivery services at once.

Of course, managing multiple delivery apps could be complicated; fortunately, with the Para app, you can work with plenty of DoorDash alternatives at once. The app makes it easier than ever to manage your gigs and choose high-paying or practical options, rather than spending hours searching for a gig that's right for you.

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Para helps you find the best-paying and more lucrative options; in turn, you can earn more gig work income and enjoy a higher part-time or full-time income. As such, it's a highly versatile tool and one that could help you choose only the best-paying DoorDash alternative gigs.

However, to make the most from earning with home deliveries, it's vital to take on the best-paying gigs. While DoorDash can offer excellent opportunities, it's not uncommon for some gigs to offer very low pay, especially if customers don't leave a tip. As such, if you want to earn more from your gig work, we recommend considering other DoorDash alternatives that could be more lucrative (and easier to manage through Para).

Thanks to Para, you can pick and choose the most lucrative delivery options for your needs. Plus, the app is rapidly expanding into new cities and regions with new partners.

Why choose Para or its new feature, ParaWorks? Some of the main benefits of Para include the following:

  • Full tip transparency, so you can see how much tip you will receive from the customer before accepting delivery orders. The tip transparency system allows you to earn more stable, reliable income from Door Dashing, since one of the most influential factors in your hourly earning rate is how much tip your customers leave.
  • Easier management systems, so you can spend less time worrying about where you need to be next and more time on the road. Time is money, as they say, and Para helps ensure that you are able to make the most from every delivery without wasting your personal time.
  • Total mileage and round trip distances worked out, which makes it easier than ever for you to decide which trips are worthwhile and which will likely cost too much in gas than they're worth. This is also a vital tool for ensuring that your DoorDashing efforts
  • Reduce downtime between jobs, helping you streamline earning through the app and make the most of your time as a delivery driver ' easily earning $25 per hour or more with stacked deliveries.
  • ParaWorks, the newest feature on the Para platform, is helping with merchandising, grocery market collections, and the like ' offering all new earning opportunities.

Future features also include a mileage tracker and earnings tracker system to help with tax - a great feature for sure. If you have any further questions about how Para could support your earning needs, a quick visit to the Para FAQs page could help.

Testimonials for the Para App

The Para app is often praised for its simple interface and excellent functionality ' however, any tool is only as good as its users' experiences. As such, we've presented a few past reviews of the Para app as follows to help your decision.

'Para gave me the ability to understand how much tip I could get from the food I delivered. It's helped me make a lot more money.' - Anthony D.

'Thank you for continuing to fight for what's right, and fight for all of us independents out here! Good luck Para!' - Brandi M.

'I only write reviews for apps that make life easier. This is one of them ... I waited for the notification from Para, which only took 2 seconds, and the total was $29. This app is literally making me money on its first day. The rest of the orders coming in were anywhere from $1 to $15 more than what DoorDash shows. Thumbs up.' ' Anonymous DoorDasher

'Awesome app! It's super useful for breaking down earnings across delivery apps and tells you hourly pay, weekly pay, etc. since for some reason the apps choose not to. Great for deciding which apps are more worth your time, and I'd imagine it'll come in handy for tax filing.' ' Anonymous DoorDasher

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DoorDash is a popular home delivery service, but there are several requirements you'll need to fulfill before you can work for them. These include the following points.

  • Age requirements: First, you will need to be aged eighteen or older to work with DoorDash.
  • Hold a licensed driver's license: You will need to have a valid driver's license number. If you do not have a driver's license, you will not be able to work for DoorDash, since they require their freelancers to have access to their own vehicles.
  • Vehicle ownership: In addition to owning your vehicle (a car or motorized scooter, usually), you will also need to have up-to-date auto insurance. DoorDash doesn't take any responsibility for accidents. It requires all its users to be fully legal drivers.

After applying for a position with DoorDash, drivers receive a 'red card' from the company. The red card allows DoorDash drivers to pay for the food they collect without having to reach into their own pockets. This offers additional security for home delivery drivers. In short: you won't have to worry about paying someone's $100 bill, only for them not to pay you at the other end.


There are many other similar platforms to DoorDash you could consider - Apps such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo, SHIPT, Slice, and GrubHub all offer similar services. These also often hire freelance delivery drivers, with different jobs offering different rates.


The question of 'how much does DoorDash pay an hour' comes down to numerous key factors. Indeed, working out how much you could earn does inevitably depend on a few factors, such as the type of jobs you take as a DoorDasher and the income you can make on that job from tips. Still, with Para, you can streamline the process of earning money with DoorDash, making things easier overall.

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