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Who Can Become a Para Affiliate?


Any rideshare or delivery driver on any platform


YouTubers, bloggers, and social media personalities with a rideshare or delivery driver audience

Why Become a Para Affiliate?

Earn $1 per Para referral AND $200 for every full-length video promotion*

Affiliates earn $1 per Para referral and also earn a *flat fee for every full-length video promotion of the app. Tracking is automatic and a link will be provided upon sign-up. *Qualified applicants only

Receive bi-weekly earnings updates

Once your link is active, you will receive a bi-weekly update of your referral count & earnings with Para.

Regular monthly payments

Referral earnings are paid on the first of every month via Paypal. The flat fee payment is disbursed after the promotional video has been posted on the channel.

Provide real value to fellow drivers

Para’s users have self-reported that they earn up to 35% more using the Para app. Your users will appreciate you bringing Para to their attention.

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Ready To Become a Para Affiliate?

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Fill out the signup form.

2. Get approved quickly

Para team generally approves new affiliates within 24 hours.

3. Receive your affiliate link

Receive your personalized affiliate tracking link and provide your PayPal ID.

4. Get paid every month

Your referral earnings will be sent directly to your PayPal account on the first of every month.

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