Grubhub Driver Guide
February 25, 2024

Beginner's Guide to GrubHub - Part 1

Have you ever thought about working for GrubHub? GrubHub is one of America's biggest delivery platforms. With over $1 billion in revenue annually and 320,000 worldwide restaurant partners, it's easy to see the scale of GrubHub (although the service is still slightly smaller than Uber Eats, which supports a whopping half a million restaurants). As such, it's clear that there are a lot of opportunities and potential to consider as a new GrubHub driver. No wonder so many people are joining the team! Fortunately, with this in mind, our expert team specializes in helping people earn more gig work, which is why we're on hand today to help you learn more. We'll be covering all of the critical questions you might have had about working for GrubHub in this guide. From 'does GrubHub pay for gas' to 'what day of the week does GrubHub pay,' 'how many hours can you drive with GrubHub,' and more, we're here to ensure you know everything there is about working for GrubHub as a new GrubHub delivery driver today.


We've covered a beginner's guide to working on DoorDash before. But, sometimes, it's worth considering other delivery apps as well ' don't put all your eggs in one basket, as they say. Luckily, getting started with working for GrubHub is a breeze, and we've outlined some of the most crucial basic requirements as follows. Remember: you'll need to sign up for an account with GrubHub and have your new account accepted before you can begin accepting and making GrubHub deliveries!

Why Partner with GrubHub as a Delivery Driver?

What makes delivery driving a good option to consider? Well, the most notable benefit of working with apps such as GrubHub is that they allow you to work in your own time. Because, let's be honest here ' sometimes, there's nothing more frustrating than being tied to a desk all day, every day. With food delivery apps such as GrubHub, you can spend your day working on the road, taking in new things to see as a result.

Of course, customer service is integral when working for a food delivery app such as GrubHub. However, for many people, the level of customer service from their delivery drivers isn't quite so important. With this in mind, it's well worth considering whether you could find an excellent new working opportunity with a platform such as GrubHub.

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Requirements to Work with GrubHub

Before we begin looking at how to start working with GrubHub, we should consider the basic requirements to become a GrubHub driver. Indeed, while GrubHub doesn't require huge commitments from their delivery drivers, they typically expect their delivery drivers to meet a few basic requirements.

First of all, you'll need to meet the minimum age limits to work with GrubHub as a delivery driver. As standard, this is eighteen years of age. However, if you are living or working in Las Vegas/Chicago, the minimum driver age for GrubHub drivers is 21 years or over.

In addition (perhaps not a surprise), you'll also need to own a smartphone to be able to work on GrubHub, since orders are managed via the GrubHub app. If you have an iPhone phone app, it will need to have iOS 11 or later. Meanwhile, if you have an Android phone, you'll need to be running on version 5.0 or higher. You'll also need your own mobile data plan. This is since there's no guarantee that you will get internet connections at all restaurant locations. We also recommend downloading the Para app as your gig HQ onto your mobile phone. Don't worry just yet; we'll cover this in more detail later on!

Furthermore, you will also need to be able to receive payments through a card account able to accept direct deposits. If you do not have a card that's capable of accepting direct deposits, you might definitely want to consider investing in one!

It's worth considering that you do not actually need to have experience with making deliveries to join the GrubHub team. So long as you're passionate about making a side income, you're in good stead!

Driving Requirements With Grubhub

In addition to the above requirements, if you intend to complete deliveries through GrubHub with a car, you will need to hold a valid driver's license with at least one or two years of valid experience (depending on your age) and hold your own insurance. It's worth considering that GrubHub will not likely refund insurance costs for your vehicle, so this will need to come out of your own pocket.

Biking Requirements With Grubhub

There's no one way to drive for GrubHub ' and if you would prefer to complete deliveries by bicycle instead, you'll need to meet a few different requirements. The main requirements for bicycle delivery riders include holding an original, valid passport, state driver's license, state ID, and your own bicycle. Of course, we should point out here that delivery driving with a bike may be much more difficult than delivery driving with a car, so it's worth considering whether or not this is the optimal solution for your own delivery goals.

Applying for a Delivery Driver Account

At this point, we've clarified a few basic factors you should know about delivery driving with GrubHub. If you think you meet the requirements for a GrubHub delivery driver, you can then start applying for a GrubHub delivery driver account.

At this point, we should remind you that GrubHub may not always be available in every city or region. So, before you start delivery driving, you should first check if GrubHub is available in your area. If it's not, don't worry ' there are many other great food and home delivery apps that could also be a good match.

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Finding the GrubHub Driver Application Page

The first thing you'll need to do here is to find the GrubHub Driver's application page. As GrubHub advises, this can be completed in one of two ways. First, you could simply head to the GrubHub website to find the 'Apply to Drive page' which is indicated by a blue button. Alternatively, you could also consider downloading the GrubHub driver's app in advance and applying through the sign-up page. We recommend the latter option here, as you'll need to download GrubHub on your mobile device before you can begin delivery driving regardless.

Fill out the Driver Details

Once you've found the application page, you'll need to fill out a few details to begin delivery driving with GrubHub. These include your state, city, and so on. Don't worry, though ' this is all very simple, and GrubHub will let you know what information to provide.

Collect your GrubHub Gear

Next up, you'll need to collect your delivery driving gear from GrubHub ' mainly car decals and warming bags. GrubHub does technically allow its drivers to use their own, but since this is free anyway, you might as well use the ones provided to you.

Select Your Hours and Scheduling

The final process in the GrubHub sign-up is to select your hours and begin scheduling. From here, you'll be able to determine when and how often you want to deliver and the like. Of course, the GrubHub team recommends that scheduling is not mandatory, but it's advisable to ensure you have plenty of delivery opportunities available when you're ready to work!


GrubHub drivers, as is common with delivery apps, are paid once per week for their work. These payments are made by direct debit into your account. As such, ensuring your card is able to receive direct debits is vital.

The GrubHub Payment Model for Delivery Drivers

At this point, we should consider the GrubHub payment model ' that is to say, how GrubHub calculates its payments per order. There are several different metrics that influence how GrubHub drivers are paid for each order. These include:

  • Mileage per order: every order pays a certain amount per mile, ensuring you get a fair rate for the distance you travel during GrubHub deliveries.
  • Time spent: GrubHub recognizes that, in some cases, things can go wrong. With this in mind, every delivery payment is also based on the time you spend on the road ' that is to say, how long you actively spend driving between pick-up and collection for an order.
  • Special offers: Sometimes, GrubHub partners sponsor special offers, which allow drivers to earn a bonus on their base delivery rates. This is worthwhile to consider since it could substantially increase the amount you earn at any one time.
  • Tips: One of the biggest earning opportunities for GrubHub drivers is from tips. This is true across most delivery platforms, with customers often offering tips equal to or greater than the value of the delivery payout itself. However, it's not always clear how to choose the best customers since tip prediction is hard manually (and GrubHub won't say how much tip you'll receive from the customer until after they've delivered the food).

What Days are GrubHub Drivers Paid?

GrubHub Drivers are generally paid on a Thursday, according to the main GrubHub Driver's guide. However, you can also use the Instant Cashout feature if you need the money urgently (such as for an unexpected bill), which allows you to withdraw anywhere up to $500 from your GrubHub account in one go ' definitely a welcome windfall in those cases when money's become a little tight if you ask us!

Does GrubHub Give you a W2 Form?

GrubHub does not give a W2 form; instead, for drivers earning more than $600 annually, GrubHubsends a 1099 form directly to the IRS. This form will be sent by January 31st, and you, as the delivery driver, will also receive a copy of this form. Meanwhile, if your taxable earnings are greater than $20,000 over more than 200 transactions, you may receive the 1099-K form instead.


As a new GrubHub driver, it's vital to maintain your delivery stats to keep your account looking the best it can be. This allows you to join the driver recognition program, which can provide rewards for good results. You can qualify for one of three different levels through this program depending on your delivery stats, which is well worth considering. This is assessed every thirty days.


At this point, you've got your new GrubHub account set up ' but don't take the risk of accepting low-paying deliveries! Not every delivery pays equally, namely due to some customers giving poor value tips. Fortunately, with the Para delivery driving app, you can streamline your deliveries and focus on those orders with the best value. Some of the great features of the Para app include:

  • Total mileage
  • Dollar per mile estimates
  • Food ready by times
  • Earnings tracking
  • Mileage tracking
  • Apartment vs. House
  • Flagging Feature

These are just a few of the great features of the Para app for GrubHub drivers. So, it's well worth considering to streamline your deliveries and get the most from each and every order. Find the most valuable orders and start your new GrubHub account the right way; the Para personal dispatch tool might be just what you need.

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Have you been looking to make a little more income on the side? Or perhaps you have been looking for a whole new job opportunity that doesn't tie you to the office? Whatever the case might be for you, delivery driving with GrubHub can be an excellent option to consider. Of course, it's worth noting here that, compared to other services such as DoorDash, GrubHub's payment structure may be a little different, and it may not always pay quite as well.

However, by taking on the right deliveries and ensuring you've got the best orders, you can start making a valuable income with GrubHub. Hopefully, today's guide will have given you a little more insight into the different features available through GrubHub; however, if you still have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our experts for help!

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