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February 25, 2024

Veteran Gig Driver Shares Facts About Acceptance Rates. Does Your Uber Eats Acceptance Rate Really Matter?

So you're an Uber Eats driver and you're wondering if the acceptance rate matters when you're delivering food on the Uber Eats driver platform. The clear answer is just no. The acceptance rate doesn't matter to you as an Uber Driver at all. But what does it mean that it doesn't matter? What about the various Uber Eats driver metrics and Uber Eats driver ratings you have to meet? Well, let's dive into that!

Uber Eats Driver Ratings

On the Uber Driver app, specifically, if you're an Uber Eats driver but not a rideshare driver you only have to worry about a few Uber driver metrics. Those are'

  • Cancellation Rate
  • Satisfaction Rate
  • Acceptance Rate

Out of the 3 metrics really only cancellation rate and satisfaction rate matters on the Uber Eats driver platform. Those two mentioned metrics can lead to an Uber driver termination if you have a high cancellation rate or a very low satisfaction rate which is different for each market in which the Uber platform is available. You can check out the Uber Community Guidelines and also your Uber Driver profile for the Uber Eats terms and conditions contracts you've agreed to for more details. In the community guidelines, an acceptance rating is not something that can get you in trouble. In fact, in 2017 Uber got rid of showcasing acceptance ratings on your profile and putting in the drivers' eyes constantly. However, you can still check out your acceptance rating on your profile now.

Uber Eats Acceptance Rate Was A Scare Tactic

You can tell that the Uber platform doesn't care for acceptance ratings as unlike prior to 2017 they would use certain words to scare the driver that not having a good acceptance rating is good. As of today, that really isn't the case. When you see an offer on the Uber Eats driver app and you decline by clicking the 'x' you just go back to the map on your Uber Eats driver app. On the other hand with a platform like DoorDash, you're constantly reminded of your 'acceptance rating' after each decline even though you cannot get terminated for declining a lot on the DoorDash platform. With the Uber Eats platform, they just remind drivers that maintaining a high acceptance rate helps drivers and restaurants provide better service to customers. That is their current 'scare tactic'.

(Source: Uber Help 2022)

What Happens When You Don't Accept Many Offers on Uber Eats

You still get 'punished' in a way by declining or not accepting offers. You'll start to realize on the Uber Eats driver app when you don't accept a couple of orders in a row you're then forced to go offline. The Uber driver app kicks you off from taking orders which means you have to go back online to continue seeing orders. That is the one big con of not accepting many orders. The actual acceptance rate doesn't tie into you being kicked offline, it's a matter of not declining 1-3 offers in a row. It has varied on my end, sometimes I get kicked offline after 1 decline, and sometimes it's 3 declines in a row. That is the most frustrating part if you're an Uber Eats driver that wants to accept only the right orders for you as you will be declining a lot of orders.

(Source: Uber Community Guidelines 2022)

Will Your Acceptance Rating Lead to Uber Driver Deactivation or Uber Eats Driver Termination

No it won't. Just remember that only your satisfaction rating and cancellation rating matter in terms of you being terminated from the Uber platform. Cancellation means you've already accepted an offer and canceled before finishing the delivery. You have every right as an independent contractor to accept/decline orders at your will. Your gig worker rights lets you dictate which orders work for you. You should definitely exercise that right especially when it comes to offer acceptance rates.

Will Not Accepting Many Orders Stop Uber Eats From Pinging Good Orders

As of right now, Uber Eats just kicks the driver offline if you're not accepting offers. When I'm able to go back online, I'm still able to see good-paying offers. In my area of Seattle, I'm able to consistently see offers that pay above $10 plus additional tips. The way I see it if you quickly decline orders that don't matter and go back online every time you're kicked off then you can focus on the higher-paying offers that do ping. There is no guarantee that you'll get more or less high-paying offers by not accepting many orders because we don't know what Uber Eats does with their offer algorithm. I just know I'm still able to get good orders on my end.

How to Still Make Money and Earn More Money With a Lower Acceptance Rate

We know that the Uber Eats acceptance rating doesn't matter, but we also do know it can be very annoying getting kicked offline every time you decline an Uber Eats offer. To counter that issue, you can use the power of multiapping, you can use delivery driver tools, and you can use your power as a gig worker. Check out our multiapping strategies to help you use other food delivery apps like Grubhub or DoorDash alongside Uber Eats to maximize your income. When you're multiapping it's best to use it with a driver helper that can accept/decline offers on the backend. Your phone and your fingers have to do a lot when you're multiapping when you're driving so if you multiapp with Para you can use the 'Auto Accept Auto Decline' driver app feature to take orders for you. Using the Para app you can set the apps you want to multiapp with so you can accept all offers using one app. Check out the Para Accept & Decline tutorial on how to use it on your smartphone.

(Source: Withpara 2022)

Remember that as a gig worker, you have the right to pick what orders work for you which means you can stack orders to your liking and queue up orders on other apps to maximize your income.

Use the Gig Delivery Strategy That Is Right For You

At the end of the day, you get to control how you want to work. If you decide that you prefer to work only on Uber Eats and you don't mind dealing with constantly going back online and offline then that's fine. If you want the freedom of being a gig worker then you can go the route of multiapping or the route of being selective of your orders. The choice is yours.

Because the acceptance rate doesn't matter, Uber multiappers auto-decline rides with the help of the Para app and save their time and effort towards higher paying gigs.

Multiapping with Para helps you take on the best ride offers rather than the ones that will leave you feeling out of pocket. In turn, this can substantially increase your earning potential, allowing you to enjoy a far better pay rate for your gig driving. It also displays all of the information that you need to know in one place, making it an ideal personal dispatch tool. And, after all, why do you deserve any less?

Trying to earn a stable income with just a single delivery app isn't always reliable or predictable. And, in these uncertain times, this can be a real blow for delivery drivers, potentially being the difference between making a good income and wasting your time.

In addition to this, Para also offers a brand new system ' ParaWorks ' that offers an excellent solution to help grow your income. So, why not give this a try? You might find it's exactly what you need to streamline your efficiency while driving for rideshare apps.

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