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February 25, 2024

The Best Side Hustles You Need to Know: 8 Ways to Make Extra Money with Your Car

Have you been looking for new ways to optimize your earning potential? In many cases, we tend to settle into a routine of working at our standard jobs without branching out or considering any of the other amazing opportunities that are out there. However, with times getting tough financially, there's rarely been a better time to consider the best side hustles out there.

With this thought in mind, today, we've come up with some excellent ideas and suggestions you could consider to find the best side hustle for your needs. In turn, this could help you optimize your work and ensure you're getting the most from your side hustle. After all, around 40% of Americans already have a side hustle ' why not join them?


A side hustle is a job or earning opportunity that you undertake alongside your main form of employment. Side hustles often include delivery driving, freelance work, web development, babysitting and childcare, petsitting, and the like. However, the endless opportunities for side hustle with just a little thought and creativity. So, if you've been looking for a way to make more money than your job can currently offer (or just want a change of scenery), why not see if a side hustle could work for you?

What Equipment Do I Need to Start a Side Hustle?

You often don't need a lot of equipment to start a side hustle! For most side hustles, you'll need an internet-enabled device and some form of transport. However, some side hustles may not even need transport; for example, you can give freelancing a try without a car at all. However, for today, we're focusing on side hustles that use a car ' because, at the end of the day, you might as well use it if you've got it!

Can I Earn a Full-Time Income Through a Side Hustle?

By definition, you cannot earn a full-time income through a side hustle since it's designed to be exactly that: a job on the side of your main income. However, you can absolutely become a self-employed worker and earn a full-time income with today's tips and ideas.

Just be prepared that you won't be referring to it as a side hustle once you begin making big bucks. If your 'side hustle' begins to bring in more money than your actual job, it's pretty fair to call yourself a self-employed worker rather than a side hustler.

How Do Taxes Work with Side Hustles?

With most side hustles being self-employed in nature, you will need to pay taxes manually rather than having these automatically deducted from your pay. Most people use the IRS Schedule C to register their self-employed side hustle earnings; this form helps you work out how much you'll need to pay in taxes. We strongly recommend putting back a small amount each month to help make paying your taxes easier when the time comes.

As explained by the IRS, you'll pay self-employment tax (covering social security and Medicare) as well as income tax. Currently, the rate for self-employed taxes is 15.3%.

It's well worth considering here that, when side hustling with your car, you may be able to reclaim expenses on your mileage. Since the price of gas has climbed so much in recent times, the current reimbursement on tax is around $0.625 for every mile traveled.


If you're ready to get started with earning a good side income with your car, it's naturally important to know where to start. This often feels difficult, but there are numerous amazing opportunities you could consider to kickstart your new side hustle income quickly and easily. But, before starting, make sure you've got the optimal personal dispatch system in place to streamline your income!

#1 Try Food Deliveries with GrubHub

One of the hottest opportunities for earning a side hustle is to begin delivery driving through GrubHub. GrubHub is one of the largest food delivery apps in the United States, and it is incredibly popular for people looking to make money easily from home. You won't need to pass rigorous interview processes and the like; you can get started with delivery driving for GrubHub incredibly quickly. And, with around one-third of a million restaurants partnering with GrubHub, there's undeniably a lot of potential for earning opportunities.

GrubHub, as you may know, is a food delivery app that delivers freshly cooked restaurant food directly to its customers' doorsteps. GrubHub drivers are paid based on several different stats, including the distance they travel, the time they spend on the road, promotional income, and tips from customers.

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Requirements to Become a GrubHub Delivery Driver

Becoming a GrubHub food delivery driver doesn't have overly strict requirements. In most locations, you will need to be nineteen years of age to start working as a GrubHub driver; however, in Las Vegas or Chicago, you'll need to be at least 21 years old. Once you've completed your GrubHub application, you'll be sent your own GrubHub warming bags and car decals to get started with!

How to Get Started with Delivery Driving Through GrubHub

To learn more about delivery driving for GrubHub, be sure to check out our Beginner's Guide to GrubHub here. Or, why not join our Para Gig Drivers' Forum for further support and advice from other friendly gig drivers?

#2 Sign Up for an Uber Eats Food Delivery Account

Another amazing opportunity you could try for your side hustle is UberEats. UberEats is a highly popular food delivery app that's excellent for getting large orders and a generous side hustle income.

Most UberEats drivers earn around $15 per hour, making it a potentially good option for topping up your income; just one hour of extra work per day (perhaps during your lunch break and on the way home) could boost your yearly income by around $4000!

However, with a more efficient delivery driving system in place, it's also possible to earn way more through UberEats, too. To do this, you should implement a specialist tool such as the Para driver helper to optimize and streamline your earning potential.

Requirements to Become an UberEats Driver

In order to begin working as an UberEats driver, you'll need to pass a background check, own a vehicle capable of carrying 15kg in weight and be a minimum of nineteen years of age. The exact requirements may be a little more complex, but don't worry ' becoming an Uber Eats driver is actually a very simple process.

To learn more about maximizing your earnings as an UberEats driver, check out our guide. This could help you earn substantially more as an UberEats driver, regardless of whether you're working full-time or part-time.

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#3 Become a ParaWorks Driver

YouTubeTop Gig Economy Drivers Talk About THE Platform That Pay More Per Hour Than Popular Gig AppsDownload Para App, Try ParaWorks '' economy drivers, Janice, Isaac, and SJ Fournier,, talk about how they c'

ParaWorks is a new way for drivers to find and accept new types of high-paying (pays up to $50/hr) scheduled & on-demand job opportunities to make their workdays much more efficient and profitable!

With ParaWorks, drivers:

$$$ Get pre-approved, skip the line, and enjoy expedited onboarding.

$$$ Stack with existing work and reduce their downtime.

$$$ Know their schedule & pay ahead of time.

$$$ Discover new high-paying revenue streams nearby.

ParaWorks community has fulfilled partner opportunities ranging from product and food delivery to merchandising to courier driving, making it one of the best gig apps in the industry right now. Just sign-up with ParaWorks and make that extra cash today!

Types of work available:

1) **Food Delivery** - it's just like it sounds. Go to a restaurant, pick up the food, and drop it off. Sometimes these are catering orders (and you'll know in advance of accepting), and sometimes food delivery opportunities are released several hours to a day in advance.

2) **Package Delivery** - it's just like Amazon Flex. When you sign up for a package delivery shift, you'll know the start location, hourly rate, and duration before accepting

Paraworks drivers earn over $45/hr

#4 Start Offering Shopping Collection Services

Did you know that you can actually make a surprisingly generous side income by collecting people's shopping? Similarly to home deliveries for restaurant meals, delivering customer shopping directly to their door has become a more popular option than ever. So, this may well be one delivery option you should consider. Plus, you can potentially complete several deliveries on a single trip, making it even more efficient!

#5 Become an Uber Rideshare Driver

If you don't feel like delivering other people's food ' it can be hungry work! ' then why not consider giving ridesharing lifts instead as an Uber driver? Uber drivers need to own a four-door vehicle at a minimum and should ideally be over the age of twenty-five. Alternatively, if you are under twenty-five, you'll need at least three years of driving experience after passing your driving test.

Generally speaking, most Uber drivers make around $15 per hour, similar to UberEats drivers. Better yet, with the Para driver utility tools, you'll be able to streamline your work on both apps to make as much as possible.

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#6 Become a Courier Delivery Driver

Another similar earning opportunity with your car to consider is becoming a self-employed courier. As the name would imply, self-employed couriers, are responsible for collecting and delivering parcels across a very wide area.

There's a lot to love about the job; while the customers can sometimes be frustrating, and sometimes they won't be in for you to make the delivery, there's less pressure to get the food to its destination within half an hour or so. This can make working as a courier delivery driver a viable option for many people, especially if you have already been feeling unsure about the tighter timeframes required for food delivery.

After all ' food can get cold, but most parcels don't have such stringent delivery times on them. Just be sure you know where you're going, as you'll want to try and match your one-hour delivery window as close as possible to avoid disgruntled customers.

#7 Rent Out Your Car

Did you know that a growing number of people are renting out their cars? If you don't need your car ' for example, if you're at home for a long weekend - ��then you could consider renting it out to someone else.

Apps such as Turo are among the most popular for this sort of solution. You could easily earn several hundred dollars per month with almost no extra effort. Better yet, you can set your own rules and prices, and listing your car for hire is free, potentially making it an excellent source of passive income. Be sure you have suitable insurance in place, though, just in case. Alternatively, you can use Turo's inbuilt protection if you don't have your own commercial rental insurance on your car and just take a small cut of your earnings.

Whether it's someone who simply needs a short-term fix while their car is getting its MOT done, or if there's someone on holiday in your area looking for a simple way to get around, this can be an excellent option.

Just be sure to keep an eye on your vehicle's before and after mileage, so you can account for this during your taxes and fuel refilling.

#8 Become a Haulier

If you have a trailer license (and a car strong enough to tow smoothly), you could become a self-employed haulier. Whether that's towing other people's trailers on their behalf or investing in your own trailer and providing a complete service, there's a lot to consider.

Of course, you'll need the appropriate licenses and insurance to work as a haulier; however, if you have these, hauling goods, pets, or livestock for others can be an excellent money-maker!

#9 Advertise on your Car

As a final option, if you have a large enough car or van, you could always make a small amount of side hustle income by advertising on the outside of your vehicle. A growing number of people are considering this as a viable option.

Windscreen stickers, external detailing, and the like are all simple ways of advertising with your car on behalf of another business or individual. In turn, this can help them obtain new customers accordingly; meanwhile, you'll have a completely effortless passive income for the duration of the agreement.

Of course, it's worth remembering here that you'll need to create a proper license for this with the advertiser. In addition, we strongly recommend that you only attempt this with an owned car, as this could easily breach the terms of a hire car agreement.

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Money's tight for all of us these days, but in many cases, there are numerous simple steps you could take that may help improve your financial position overall. With this thought in mind, we've outlined some of the key things you need to know about the best eight side hustles to make money with your car. Whether you try these with help from the Para drivers' app or as standard is entirely up to you! Though these might seem simple, you may be surprised by how much you can earn through side hustles with your car! In fact, many people use these so-called 'side hustles' as full-time jobs.

So, if you are among the 50% of people who dream of being their own boss, why not give it a try? It might just give you greater earning opportunities and flexibility overall. And remember: a little extra income can add up here and there! In fact, if you can make even a spare $20 per week through side hustles alone, you'll end the year almost $1000 better off ' that's a big boost!

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