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February 25, 2024

20 Apps and Jobs Like Instacart to Make Money Fast in 2023

Have you been looking to make money online in 2023, only to feel unsure of where to turn? While this can seem like a tricky decision to make, in reality, there are plenty of brilliant options out there. So, no matter what the reasons behind it might be, if you need to make money fast in 2023, we strongly recommend that you give the following options a go to see how they could work for you!


First of all, we need to clarify what the Instacart app actually is. Instacart is a specialist grocery delivery app. This enables shoppers to order groceries from local stores and deliver them directly to their homes! In total, Instacart has partnered with over 900 retailers across the US.

Instacart is part of the gig economy, with drivers being paid on a per-delivery basis. Drivers can choose between two main delivery options. The former is as simple as it sounds; you pick up groceries in the store. However, full-service shoppers typically get a higher rate, picking up the shopping and delivering it to the buyer.

How Much Does Instacart Pay Per Hour?

Since Instacart drivers are paid on a gig basis, estimating an hourly rate is a little complex. However, on average, most Instacart drivers get around $17 per hour. This figure includes tips.

As far as gig work goes, it’s not bad – but there are other apps out there that may pay more. Indeed, the average gig driver makes around $18 per hour, so there’s definitely room for improvement. That’s before considering specialist tools such as ParaWorks that help a gig worker make substantially more than this basic rate!

So, if you want to make the most of your gig work, it’s worth considering the different options available. Whether that’s to increase the number of deliveries you can make, broaden your opportunities, or earn a higher hourly income is your choice!


If you’ve already exhausted your opportunities on Instacart and want to try other jobs like Instacart, the following twenty options could be worth a try. But everyone’s experience will be different, of course. So, start with the ideal tools by your side to help streamline your earnings.

#1 ParaWorks for Drivers

Earning potential – up to $50 per hour

Without a doubt, if you’ve been looking for a reliable tool that can help you make money on the side, ParaWorks is one of the best options to consider. Indeed, focusing on high-paying job opportunities in particular, ParaWorks helps drivers make a quick and reliable income with their gig work – integrating easily with any existing gig work you might have.

In addition to the ParaWorks range of high-paying local gig opportunities, gig drivers can also make the most of the completely free-to-use Para app. Para offers numerous tools that help make working as a gig driver even easier, especially when boosting your income through multiapping.

As such, no matter which delivery jobs you take on, boosting your income with ParaWorks’ trusted partners and Para’s handy driver tools is undoubtedly a good step forward.

Sign up for ParaWorks

#2 UberEats

Earning potential – up to $22+ per hour

As one of the most well-known food delivery apps on the market, it’s safe to say that UberEats is a popular choice of food delivery app for people wanting a reliable, effective, and easy way to make cash on the side.

UberEats accounts for around 25% of all restaurant delivery orders, so you usually won’t end up struggling to pick up jobs. However, managing your time well is vital to make a good hourly rate, so learning how to get the biggest orders as an UberEats driver is important.

Drive for UberEats

#3 GrubHub

Earning potential – up to $16+ per hour

Another highly popular restaurant delivery app that also dominates the national market is GrubHub. Indeed, with a market share of approximately 12%, around one in seven restaurant delivery orders are placed through the app. That’s no small figure, for sure – and this could make it an excellent option to try if you’re looking for an Instacart alternative.

However, if you’re looking to make big money with GrubHub, it’s important to ensure you optimize each hour you work. Luckily, our guide on making $1000 a week with GrubHub covers everything you need to know to streamline your work.

Grubhub for Drivers

#4 Time To Eat

Earning potential – up to $25+ per hour

Time To Eat is one of the Partners of the ParaWorks app and offers an excellent option for individuals wanting a simple way to make a little more income on the side.

Deliver With TimeToEat

#5 FoodFetched

Earning potential – up to $25+ per hour

Another excellent ParaWorks partner, FoodFetched is a local delivery service that specializes in providing local food delivery solutions for customers and is an excellent destination for drivers looking to make money on the side. One of the key perks of the FoodFetched platform is that drivers often tend to be in short supply, too – so there’s a better chance of winning a delivery job!

Deliver With FoodFetched

#6 King Courier

Earning potential – up to $21 per hour

King Courier, another ParaWorks Partner offers numerous different options for work if you’ve been wanting to start a new career as a local gig delivery driver. In addition to their regular delivery driver options, you can also deliver as a bicycle messenger for smaller packages, making it a brilliant and highly versatile option for local San Francisco residents.

Work With King Courier

#7 Curri

Earning potential – up to $25+ per hour

It might not be the biggest food delivery app, but if you’re looking for a great place to start your delivery driving career or get new opportunities, Curri can be an excellent place to start.

Deliver With Curri

#8 PostMates

Earning potential – up to $17+ per hour

If it’s reliable home delivery work you’re looking for, PostMates might be a good option to consider. The company is owned by Uber and is available in almost three thousand cities across the country, covering everything from groceries to restaurant deliveries.

Deliver With Postmates

#9 Favor

Earning potential – up to $12 per hour

As a popular food delivery app, Favor is undeniably increasing in popularity for drivers looking to make a valuable income on the side. With Favor, drivers get ot keep all of their tips plus a portion of delivery fees directly, making it a good option for flexible work. Referrals are also a simple way to further boost your earning opportunities. However, while opportunities can be numerous, the hourly rate is relatively lower than most delivery apps.

Deliver With Favor

#10 Shipt

Earning potential – up to $30+ per hour

Shipt is another highly rated and popular food delivery option for those looking for the best other jobs like Instacart. Indeed, as an on-demand grocery delivery service, even the basic premise of the app is very similar. And, since Shipt is now available for over 5,000 cities across the country, it’s hard to deny that this brilliant app is excellent for making extra money. However, you will need to wear a Shipt shirt while doing your deliveries to help store staff recognize you!

Shop With Shipt

#11 Gopuff

Earning potential – up to $23+ per hour

In many cases, food delivery services tend to be limited just to that. However, GoPuff is even more versatile than the norm, offering a huge range of potential opportunities for deliveries. These include snacks, home essentials, food, and even alcohol deliveries.

Deliver With GoPuff

#12 Walmart Delivery

Earning potential – up to $18+ per hour

Walmart is one of the big names in the shopping field – and as such, it’s not much of a surprise that it’s jumped on the bandwagon with home deliveries! Walmart Delivery is also well-reputed for being a well-paying food delivery service, so this further helps make ends meet. However, the longer driving times of individual deliveries may mean you only make marginally more per hour than with some other platforms – although the frequency of orders cutting out idle time can be a big boost of course.

Spark Delivery

#13 Caviar

Earning potential – up to $25+ per hour

Caviar is an extremely expensive ingredient – and, in line with this, the Caviar app can also offer an excellent well-paying delivery driver gig. Drivers are also paid immediately, making Caviar a popular alternative to slower-paying options like Instacart. However, the only drawback is that you’ll need previous ridesharing experience to become a Caviar driver.

#14 Burpy

Earning potential – up to $25+ per hour

If you’re a local Texas resident looking for ways to make money with personal shopping, Burpy can be a brilliant app to consider. Burpy is available for both iOS and Android users and provides a range of different delivery options covering numerous local stores. Notably, the platform offers rapid home delivery services, making it a popular option for those wanting to make money driving. Plus, since Burpy has over a decade of experience, it’s also one of the older Instagram-like apps on the market.

More About Burpy

#15 Bagged n’ Brought

Earning potential – up to $25+ per hour

Serving the California region primarily, Bagged n’ Brought is one one the most popular local teams. As an independent restaurant delivery service, and a ParaWorks Partner, it’s definitely a good option if you have been looking for “gig work near me.” And, while it’s perhaps not quite as large as some of the other delivery apps serving a broader market, it’s a great option for anyone wanting a simple restaurant delivery service.

Deliver With Bagged N' Brought

#16 Dumpling

Earning potential – up to $32 per hour

One of the unique features of the Dumpling app is that it allows shoppers to create a personal profile through which people needing grocery delivery services can find them. This simple feature might not seem groundbreaking, but it really allows gig drivers to take control of their work and make the most of every opportunity. What’s not to love?

Deliver With Dumpling

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#17 Waitr

Earning potential – up to $17 per hour

It’s not as high-paying as some of the other options for food delivery gigs we’ve listed. However, if you want stability, Waitr offers a brilliant option overall. With Waitr, provided you can meet the company’s requirement of at least 2 hours of delivery time per week, you can make a good income per week – including daily cashouts!

Waitr Driver

#18 Amazon Fresh

Earning potential – up to $25+ per hour

Amazon launched its Fresh delivery range relatively recently, and this could be an excellent option to consider if you have been looking for a simple way to make extra money with jobs like Instacart. Amazon Fresh drivers also tend to make a higher rate per hour than with other gig apps, so this is worth keeping in mind.

Deliver With Amazon Fresh

#19 Amazon Flex

Earning potential – up to $25+ per hour

If you don’t feel like working for Amazon Fresh or have already had a good experience and want to broaden your opportunities further with additional Instacart-like apps, Amazon Flex driving may also be a good option. With Amazon Flex, drivers can earn a similar rate of pay as with Amazon Fresh, so the two options are largely interchangeable with one another.

Amazon Flex Driver

#20 TaskRabbit

Earning potential – up to $25+ per hour

Thus far, we’ve primarily looked at delivery-driving apps like Instacart. However, there are also other apps that can offer opportunities like Instacart, such as TaskRabbit.

With TaskRabbit, users can outsource their services for almost any requirement – and that naturally includes food delivery. So, while this might not be the sole use of the application, it’s worth considering that there are plenty of opportunities to be had here.

Join TaskRabbit


The cost of living is rising. In fact, with the average American household spending over $60,000 annually on expenses, it’s easy to see why this figure has become so significant. However, if you have been struggling with the cost of living and want to find a new way to make ends meet, there are plenty of options out there – and starting out with some of the best other apps and jobs like Instacart can be a great way to go about this.

Remember: not all jobs like Instacart are created equal. As such, if you want to get the most from your new side hustle, we strongly recommend using Para’s delivery driver tools to optimize your earnings. Or, why not even sign up for the ParaWorks gig driver app to find the best passive side hustle opportunities? The options are almost limitless.

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