We are small, but passionate team wanting to  build a better gig economy, by focusing on the most important part - the workers.

Para is a tech company focused on making gig work prosperous and sustainable.
We build tools that put gig workers in charge of their work - the gig economy only works if they work.

Our technology offers drivers a safer way to drive, critical trip details to make informed decisions, and visibility to all available gig work opportunities. This way workers can choose the best work to suit their goals. We call this a "personal dispatch system" for each worker.

Meet the team behind the mission

David Pickerell
Co-Founder, CEO
Jeff Tang
Co-Founder, CTO
Chetan Mishra
Chandana Raghunath
Growth & Marketing
Amanda Tomkins
Brand & Marketing
Jimmy Thompson
Business Development
Andrew Portnoy
Travis Brown
Jessica DiGulio
Daryl Proenza
Kurt Kobzeff
Software Engineer
Tomàs Forné
Software Engineer
Hugo De Grouchy
Software Engineer
Philip Karasev
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Software Engineer
Valery Kochetkov
Software Engineer
Fuat Fuçucuoğluole
Software Engineer
Ty Martin
Ryan Massad
Eugene Simekh

Bringing diversity in ideas and values from around the world

World Map showing with Country marked from where the Para Team Member Works Remotely

Para’s Code of Conduct

It's simple.
Workers must:
be treated well and with respect.

be paid properly for their time.

benefit from this opportunity.

receive all payment details.

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