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Skip tedious onboarding & earn higher-than-average pay the next day only with ParaWorks.

Picture this - you sign up & get onboarded quickly, skipping tedious background checks and waitlists. You see the exact pay, mileage, and route as soon as the job gets posted. You get paid top dollar the next day to drop off medication on your schedule! It’s true - gig work just got an upgrade!
With ParaWorks, drivers:
Sign up and get a job in minutes, not days
Stack with your platform work & get busy between shifts
Know their pay in advance & pick only the most profitable jobs
Earn up to $50/hour doing scheduled & on-demand jobs near them
Importantly, make a difference with every delivery.
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Trusted by 100,000+ Drivers Nationwide

Melissa Ann
“ I did my first job with ParaWorks today. Seeing one close to my house paying $35 for delivery was cool! ”
“ I made $40 (excluding tips) for delivering two small bags 7 miles away! ”
“ I deliver for Para(Works) often. They have all paid $25-$35.00 for like 3-5 miles of driving ”
Mark Smith
“ I got my 1st Paraworks offer last week. It was a nice change of pace from praying for a good DD order or Shipt shopping. ”
Tony Carter
“ ParaWorks is awesome. They hook me up with a bunch of high-paying package delivery gigs between my shifts. ”
“ I just signed up for Paraworks. I love their payout! ”
Isaac Pastrana
“ Uber works well with para. Specially with Uber eats. It helps you auto decline certain stores and helps you flag restaurants that are trash like Popeyes. A feature that is also great is para pay. It gives you access to a lot of delivery jobs and the pay is great. I’ve had lots of orders from their partner ohi in Chicago and you get payed a good amount for small amounts of packages. Their catering pays really well too. I give it a solid 8/10 for all services included. 10/10 for their customer service. They are great to talk to, specially Travis in Chicago support. ”
“ I got a $38 ParaWorks order about two weeks ago.  It was 8 miles from home to the business to drop off and took me an hour.  It went super easy and smooth. ”
Mario Coco
“Thanks, ParaWorks! Made $69.20 for a 4.5 mi ride - easy money in half hour! ”
“ Did my first delivery through Para today. Easy side money to pair with Uber for those who use it. ”
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Get exclusive access to local long-term work opportunities

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Thousands Of Medical Delivery Drivers & Couriers Enjoy Delivering With ParaWorks

ParaWorks gig delivery drivers enjoy freedom, variety, flexibility, and transparency in their work & reach their goals faster. Through ParaWorks, medical couriers know their job details in advance, work with multiple reputable businesses and deliver medication for them on time, every time. They also enjoy working a variety of other types of jobs, including catering delivery, package delivery, merchandising, etc.

With ParaWorks, drivers
Working for DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber, Lyft, or UberEats: Get pre-approved, and enjoy expedited onboarding.
Enjoy transparency: They know their payout, mileage, pickup time, pickup and drop-off location, and type of work before accepting the offer.
Enjoy a flexible schedule: Plan their work ahead of time. Pick from a variety of flexible work opportunities that allow people to work as little or as much as they want.
Try new types of gig work: ParaWorks drivers also deliver food and packages for reputable businesses.
Earn top dollars for their efforts: ParaWorks jobs pay, on average, more per hour than regular platform work.
Get paid the next day with Para: With ParaWorks, drivers no longer sit around and wait for payments.
Drive your own vehicle: Our couriers get to drive their own vehicles. Work in their own comfortable space, instead of taking care of a company vehicle.
Make an impact: Our medical couriers make life-changing deliveries that are critical to our patient’s health and to our mission.
Get help when they’re in need: Our dedicated team of problem solvers and specialists offer support over call, email, or text chat.
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Deliver Prescription Medicine & More As A Medical Courier With ParaWorks

A sign that says healthy living pharmacy.

Some of the premier biotech, healthcare organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and labs in the US, trust ParaWorks to meet their medical courier and pharmacy delivery needs. Our national network of experienced 1099 gig drivers is trained to deliver medical specimens, prescriptions, and medications from pharmacies and hospitals, medical devices and equipment, and more throughout the US. We deliver to and from pharmacies, patients, hospitals, clinics, labs, dentist offices, research facilities, nursing homes, and senior living centers.

Prescriptions and Medications
Medical Specimen
Bloodwork and Biopsies
Urine Samples
Prosthetics and Implants
Test Kits
Lab Samples
Diet And Nutrition Goods
Home Healthcare Items
Personal Hygiene Products

Put Your 4-Wheeler To Good Use

As a Medical Delivery Driver for ParaWorks, you will deliver prescription medicine, specimens, and other records to customers on a predetermined route and schedule in the comfort of your own car. Why not put that cargo space to good use?

ParaWorks Medical Courier Requirements:
Couriers must be eligible to work in the US, be at least 21 years of age with a driver’s license, vehicle insurance, and a clean history of driving records
Couriers must have a car, minivan, or SUV, that is less than 10 years old and be comfortable traversing the city they work in
Couriers must feel comfortable using smartphones and apps and have reliable access to the internet
Couriers must be able to occasionally lift up to 50 pounds
Couriers must ensure specimens, medicines, or documents are always properly cared for and secured
Couriers must be organized, punctual, passionate about customer service, and must communicate well
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Our Nation’s Highest Earning Gig Delivery Drivers & Couriers Are On ParaWorks!

Hear what they have to say…

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Here’s How It Works:

Step - 01

Sign Up & Create Your Profile

Your work history is your resume. Build a resume that unlocks access to exclusive, high-paying gigs in your area.

Step - 02

Claim Jobs

We will notify you when new jobs are area released in your area. View and claim them in the ‘Works’ tab of the Para app.

Step - 03

Complete The Job

We will provide you all the information you need ahead of time. You just need to show up (on time) and complete the gig. The more you complete the more you will be offered!

Deliver Pharmaceuticals for trusted businesses near you

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Vetted gig workers

Currently Filling Roles

Individual Gigs
One-time jobs with a 1-2 day completion window.
On Demand
Time-sensitive jobs that require prioritization posted 3 hours ahead of the start time.
Jobs that need a set amount of hours to complete.
Route Delivery
Block of deliveries along a pre-scheduled route, so you'll make a few stops along the way

Still Got Questions?

Still got questions? Can’t able to find answers you’re looking for? Reach out to our team.
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How do I sign up for ParaWorks?

Download the Para app, link at least one other account and sign up in the Works tab!

Why do I have to upload my work history?

Your work history is your resume, and helps us show our partners that you are reliable and dependable!

What cities are ParaWorks opportunities available in?

ParaWorks opportunities are currently posted regularly in: Washington, D.C, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, New York City, Austin, Philadelphia, and Denver.

Coming Soon to these cities: West palm, Miami, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, Bellevue, Trenton, Huntsville, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Minneapolis

We are adding new cities everyday so even if your city is not listed here we suggest you sign up to be first to be notified when we do launch it!

What kinds of work will I be doing?

Our partners offer a variety of delivery and merchandising opportunities. And we are adding more each day! Here are a couple of the most common gig types:

  • Food Delivery - it’s just like it sounds. Go to a restaurant, pick up the food, drop it off. Sometimes these are catering orders (and you’ll know in advance of accepting), and sometimes food delivery opportunities are released several hours to a day in advance.
  • Package Delivery - it’s just like Amazon Flex. When you sign up for a package delivery shift, you’ll know the start location, hourly rate, and duration before accepting.
What partners do you work with?

We currently work with:

Ohi, Returnmates, Fulflld, Locale, Table22, nimble, baggednbrought, foodfetched, orangecrate, Dlivrd, houstondelivers, and Jimmy Johns!

How do I get paid?

The when and how you get paid depends on the partner you worked with. Here is a list of our partners and the payment methods. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us as help@withpara.com

What is 'Route Delivery' vs. 'Meal Delivery'?
  1. 'Route Delivery' is a block of deliveries along a pre-scheduled route, so you'll make a few stops along the way.
  2. 'Meal Delivery' is Point A to Point B - similar to your regular platform work.

We recommend checking both to see what is available in your area!