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Multiapp With One App, See Critical Trip Details, Flag & Auto-Decline Bad Offers & Get New, High-Paying Delivery Gigs With Para

Drive for Uber, UberEats, Lyft, and Grubhub?
See exact pickup & drop-off addresses, house, or apartment
Track earnings & mileage across all gig platforms
Like and dislike customers, restaurants, and locations
Auto-decline offers that don’t meet your criteria
See trip details such as payout, $/mile, $/hour, distance, time, passenger rating, & more!
Earn an extra $100/day, every day with new ParaWorks jobs
Save time & earn more for FREE with Para.
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Trusted by 100,000+ Drivers Nationwide

Carlo Di Donna
“ I want to personally thank you for the para works catering opportunities, they have been an amazing lucrative experience thus far! And through paraworks I learned about nimble Deliveries which just started in Lafayette, so I got in early with this opportunity because of ParaWorks! ”
Mario Coco
“ Thanks, ParaWorks! Made $69.20 for a 4.5 mi ride - easy money in half hour! ”
David Drekter
“ After doing 2300 deliveries, I finally tried your app - and it has made delivering  Uber Eats sooooo much better! I have a bunch of gated communities that I hate delivering to and Para has blocked orders going there perfectly. Kudos to Para - keep up the great work! ”
Isaac Pastrana
“ Uber works well with para. Specially with Uber eats. It helps you auto decline certain stores and helps you flag restaurants that are trash like Popeyes. A feature that is also great is para pay. It gives you access to a lot of delivery jobs and the pay is great. I’ve had lots of orders from their partner ohi in Chicago and you get payed a good amount for small amounts of packages. Their catering pays really well too. I give it a solid 8/10 for all services included. 10/10 for their customer service. They are great to talk to, specially Travis in Chicago support. ”
Diane Snider
“ I can't go back now! This app takes so much of the guesswork out of gig apps. The geo filter keeps me safe, the auto decline feature stops me from wasting my time and the flagging is a quick reference for both good and bad experiences with customers and restaurants.”
Flint Withers
“ I love para. Lets me know exactly how much per mile I'll make. Using a car that gets 15-17mpg, I can't afford to accept junk offers. It also makes driving safer because I don't have to look at every offer. I just let para auto decline all offers below 85 cents per mile (probably 75-80% of the offers in my area). ”
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ParaWorks Gig Delivery Drivers Earn up to $45/hr

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Vetted gig workers

Para’s Gig Delivery Driver Tools Help Drivers Take Only The Most Profitable Job Offers

Para tools are designed to help Uber, UberEats, Grubhub, and Lyft drivers receive instant access to critical trip information in one feed. Drivers can compare and evaluate offers across all platforms and accept only the best offers while Para auto-declines the rest. Additionally, Para users reduce downtime between jobs by working new types of higher-paying ParaWorks jobs that pay up to $50/hr!

Hours saved from working low-paying jobs
Users nationwide
Driver earnings from ParaWorks
Orders delivered using Para

Para Features Offered With Each Platform

Features may vary slightly by platform.
Subject to change.

Basic plan
Auto Decline
Estimated/Actual Payout
Food Ready-By Time
Dollar Per Mile
Total Drive Time & Mileage
Apt. vs House
Passenger Rating
Flagging Feature
Drop off Address
Pickup Address
Earnings Tracker
Mileage Tracker
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Auto Decline With Para

Accept or decline your offers across platforms in one place.

Trip Insights

Receive critical trip information to make it easier to choose between jobs.

Unlock Additional Opportunities.

Use your work profile to unlock additional earning opportunities.

Earn More Per Hour During Your Downtime With ParaWorks

We are working hard to bring you even more earning opportunities. ParaWorks is a system that helps you find and accept new types of gigs, reducing downtime and helping you reach your goals faster. Through ParaWorks, you can deliver food, packages, pharmaceuticals, & more anywhere, across the U.S.

We've worked with

With ParaWorks, you enjoy:

Faster, Hassle-Free Onboarding: Get pre-approved, skip the line, and enjoy expedited onboarding.
Guaranteed earnings: No more gambling! Be in control of your earnings, time, and types of work.
A flexible schedule: Choose from a variety of jobs. Work long shifts or pick small shifts to stack with platform work.
Premium per-hour rates of pay: ParaWorks jobs pay, on average, more per hour than regular platform work.
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Our Nation’s Highest Earning Gig Delivery Drivers & Couriers Are On ParaWorks!

Hear what they have to say…

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Here’s How It Works:

Step - 01

Sign Up & Create Your Profile

Your work history is your resume. Build a resume that unlocks access to exclusive, high-paying gigs in your area.

Step - 02

Claim Jobs

We will notify you when new jobs are area released in your area. View and claim them in the ‘Works’ tab of the Para app.

Step - 03

Complete The Job

We will provide you all the information you need ahead of time. You just need to show up (on time) and complete the gig. The more you complete the more you will be offered!

Currently Filling Roles

Individual Gigs
One-time jobs with a 1-2 day completion window.
On Demand
Time-sensitive jobs that require prioritization posted 3 hours ahead of the start time.
Jobs that need a set amount of hours to complete.
Route Delivery
Block of deliveries along a pre-scheduled route, so you'll make a few stops along the way

Still Got Questions?

Still got questions? Can’t able to find answers you’re looking for? Reach out to our team.
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What is Para? What does the Para app help with?

Para helps you earn more by unlocking information and additional work opportunities. Our technology streamlines your gig-work experience by making it much easier and safer to multi-app and providing back-end solutions to better manage your business. With Para, you can access more trip information, accept, or decline an offer, and view and stack additional work opportunities all within one app. Working smarter and safer—not harder—empowers you to reach your goals.

With Para, you’re in the driver’s seat.

What platforms are available on Para?

Currently, Para users will be able to work with GrubHub, Lyft, Uber & UberEats.

We hear you loud and clear and are working to add other platforms on Para!

What trip information does Para show to Grubhub, Uber, Uber Eats, and Lyft users?

We believe that it is the right of any independent contractor to have full transparency of their pay prior to accepting work. We will continue to stand by that and fight for it.

Is Para a Free app?

Yes. Para app is free for its users.

How do I download the Para app?

Click here to download the Para app if you are an iPhone user and here if you are an Android user.

How do I sign up for ParaWorks?

Go to the 'Works' tab in the Para app. Enter your information to unlock available jobs.

ParaWorks: What is 'Route Delivery' vs. 'Meal Delivery'?

'Route Delivery' is a block of deliveries along a pre-scheduled route, so you'll make a few stops along the way.

'Meal Delivery' is Point A to Point B - similar to your regular platform work.
We recommend checking both to see what is available in your area!

How do I get paid on ParaWorks?

When and how you get paid depends on the partner you worked with. Here is a little more information.

Why do I have to upload my work history?

Your work history is your resume, and helps us show our partners that you are reliable and dependable!

What cities are ParaWorks opportunities available in?

ParaWorks opportunities are currently posted regularly in: Washington, D.C, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, New York City, Austin, Philadelphia, and Denver.

Coming Soon to these cities: West palm, Miami, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, Bellevue, Trenton, Huntsville, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Minneapolis

We are adding new cities everyday so even if your city is not listed here we suggest you sign up to be first to be notified when we do launch it!

What kinds of work will I be doing?

Our partners offer a variety of delivery and merchandising opportunities. And we are adding more each day! Here are a couple of the most common gig types:

  • Food Delivery - it’s just like it sounds. Go to a restaurant, pick up the food, drop it off. Sometimes these are catering orders (and you’ll know in advance of accepting), and sometimes food delivery opportunities are released several hours to a day in advance.
  • Package Delivery - it’s just like Amazon Flex. When you sign up for a package delivery shift, you’ll know the start location, hourly rate, and duration before accepting.
What partners do you work with?

We currently work with:

Ohi, Returnmates, Fulflld, Locale, Table22, nimble, baggednbrought, foodfetched, orangecrate, Dlivrd, houstondelivers, and Jimmy Johns!

I'm having trouble logging into the Para app.

If you are unable to log in with your phone number, please attempt to log in using your email.

If you continue to have issues, please email us at help@withpara.com

How do I use the Para app?

We understand that you may have a lot of questions about how to make the best use of all of Para’s offerings. So, we put together this guide to help you get started.

Do I have to have the Para app open to use the features?

Yes. You need to have opened the Para app and the toggle for each platform should be green.

You can switch to another app once the toggle is green and have Para running in the background.  If you don’t have it open, you may not receive trip notifications.

How much do drivers make by using the Para app?

Drivers have self-reported that their monthly earnings have increased by 25% by using the Para app

I love what you’re doing for the driver community. Can I refer someone to use the Para app?

We’re thankful for your support and belief in our mission to build a better future for gig workers!

You can refer as many people as you wish by clicking on the “Invite your friends” button in the Account Section of the Para app.

I’ve been using Para for a while now. Is there a way I can make even more money using the Para app?

Yes – you absolutely can. ParaWorks is our system that helps you find and accept new types of high-paying gigs and opportunities in your area. It reduces downtime and helps you reach your goals faster.

Sign up for ParaWorks and take home more money every month.

Will Para steal my information? (Social security number, taxpayer ID number, etc)?

No. We don't access or store any of your personal information including your banking credentials.

We use the minimum information needed to provide you with this service, and nothing more. 

If you have further questions or need information, write us an email at help@withpara.com.

Does Para make money by selling our personal information?

No - we don’t sell any personal data. Para is a venture-backed Company.

Can gig platforms detect the use of Para? Can I get deactivated for using Para?

We have not had any Para users deactivated from any platform for using Para. We’re upfront that using our features may be a violation of gig app terms of service, but we believe that this is the right thing to do - independent contractors have the right to make informed decisions.

I want to interact with other Para users. How do I do that?

You can chat with other Para users by joining our Facebook group & community. You can also stay current with Para-related updates and announcements by following our social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tiktok, & YouTube.

Can we do anything to get Para working when it stops?

It helps us when you notify us about the problem and provide some helpful details around it. When you face a problem, please email us at help@withpara.com

Is Para down?

If Para is experiencing an outage, we will send an in-app notification about it.

We do our best to keep the service running and reliable. If you notice any issues, please email us at help@withpara.com

How do I delete my Para account?

We are sad to see you go, but here's how to delete your account:

  1. Go to the "Account" tab (on the bottom right)
  2. Go to "Login and Security" under the "Account" tab
  3. Select "Delete Account" and confirm to delete

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