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February 25, 2024

How Much Money Does an Amazon Delivery Driver Make?

Have you ever wondered about how much an Amazon delivery driver can make for their work? Working out how to make a little income on the side can often seem difficult. But is working as an Amazon delivery driver actually worthwhile, or would you do better by working for another platform? We’ve outlined some of the key things you need to know about working as an Amazon delivery driver to help.


An Amazon delivery driver isn’t generally limited in terms of how much money they make since this can depend on so many different factors – and these are well worth considering as part of your decision. However, as standard, Amazon delivery drivers tend to make slightly above the national average, as per data from LinkedIn.

The Amazon Pay Structure

While it’s generally seen that Amazon’s delivery staff will make a relatively stable income per hour, there’s no set pay rate. As a result, it’s important to consider the different pay structures in place to help inform your decision when getting started.

The basic pay rate – which is guaranteed by Amazon – is $15 to $19 per hour, which no doubt offers relief for many drivers. Indeed, whereas most delivery platforms offer a set rate per item, Amazon’s guaranteed hourly rate (based on estimated block time) is much more reliable. However, one of the great features of this system is that you’ll earn this much even if there are no deliveries to make in your block! You can also make additional on top of this with tips from customers.

Don’t Count on Getting a Block

While everything sounds good on the surface, we should stress that you’ll need to book a delivery block before you begin. The available deliveries can vary significantly, and opportunities in less populous regions may be lower too. So, try to book in advance to increase your chances of getting work.

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Average Earnings Per Hour For Amazon Delivery Drivers

On average, most Amazon delivery drivers make around $18 to $25, although $15 to $18 per hour is guaranteed by Amazon based on the location and other such factors.

With this thought in mind, Amazon Flex and Amazon Fresh can be some of the most valuable platforms to work for as a delivery driver – though it’s still important to take steps (where possible) to find lucrative opportunities and reduce the risk of complications.

After all, issues such as delays and hold-ups can all be incredibly frustrating to face, but more significantly, they can also hold up your earning time. So, as an Amazon driver, ensuring this doesn’t threaten your earnings is highly important.

How Many Hours Can I Work as an Amazon Delivery Driver?

There isn’t a specific limit regarding the number of hours that Amazon delivery drivers can work; if you have been looking for a new driving option that gives you greater freedom to choose your working hours, this could be worth keeping in mind. However, you will still need to keep a close eye on the amount you’re working on to ensure you get a good solution overall.

Why is this? On average, self-employed Americans often work for around sixty hours per week. This is substantially more than the national average. In line with this, it’s perhaps no surprise that burnout can also be somewhat tricky to manage as a self-employed individual.

What if I Don’t Work Continually For My Full Block?

One important consideration for your earning potential is whether a quiet block will still pay out. Luckily, the answer to this is generally yes!

Indeed, Amazon pays its teams based on an hourly block. However, if you complete the deliveries assigned to your block early, you should receive the payment without having to spend extra time on the road. In other words: the more efficiently you work, the more you’ll earn per hour! Undoubtedly, this freedom is something that many people love about working for Amazon Flex and Fresh.


The basic rate of pay for most Amazon Flex and Amazon Fresh deliveries is around $18 to $25, although some blocks may offer less (around $15 per hour). That said, there are a few simple ways to make more with your Amazon deliveries, such as the following points.

#1 Drive During Peak Hours to Get a Higher Rate

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when it comes to your Amazon deliveries is the importance of driving during peak hours. Indeed, in many cases, people overlook the value that driving during peak times can bring. However, this can lose a significant sum of money for your time on the road – providing you know how to get these lucrative blocs.

Generally speaking, Amazon pays more per hour for incredibly busy blocs. As such, if there are many parcels that need to be delivered, you’ll likely enjoy a higher rate of pay – closer to $25 per hour – if you are able to work during these particularly busy periods.

In addition, working during peak times can also provide benefits in several other ways. For example, if you work during Amazon’s peak shifts, you may find that you complete a greater number of deliveries – which can, in turn, increase your chances of getting tips from customers. As standard, Amazon Flex blocks will usually have around fifteen to twenty deliveries to make per hour.

However, busier blocks may be higher than this, and this can massively increase your earning potential. Even a single $5 tip from a happy customer per hour can increase your earnings potentially by 20%, after all.

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#2 Go Above and Beyond to Increase the Chances of Getting Tips

Doing more deliveries is a sure way to increase your chances of getting tips. However, there’s another factor to consider here, too: your customer service.

A customer is very unlikely to leave a tip if you have a poor attitude to work or aren’t helpful with the order. However, if you go above and beyond for the customer, there’s a much better chance that you’ll be able to get tips.

If we consider an average block with twenty deliveries per hour, paying around $20 for the period, you’ll make about one dollar per delivery for three minutes. With this thought in mind, if you can spend a couple of minutes longer to provide a customer with an amazing standard of service, you’ll definitely stand a higher chance of getting tips – and these can be worth much more for the time than the basic rate of pay.

#3 Make the Most of Amazon Flex Bonuses and Perks

Did you know that Amazon Flex and Amazon Fresh offer numerous perks for drivers, and these can offer a massive boost to your earnings? While many people assume that these aren’t worthwhile or irrelevant to their needs, they can be surprisingly lucrative when grouped together.

While you’re unlikely to save thousands with Flex Rewards, their cashback offers are well worthwhile. Plus, the more you deliver, the more you’ll be able to save. Cashback on the Amazon Flex debit card starts from around 650 deliveries completed.

#4 Watch Your Expenses Carefully

With Amazon drivers generally making around one dollar for every three minutes works, it’s perhaps no surprise that money can be a little tight. And, of course, you’re a self-employed contractor. That means that you will have to pay your own delivery expenses – and this can massively cut into your earnings overall.

Now, it’s well worth remembering that Amazon offers some cashback and the like on fuel for its drivers through the rewards scheme, but this won’t take much off your total gas bills. And, of course, that’s before considering the many other delivery driver expenses that you’ll need to take into account.

With the average gallon of fuel costing around $1 at present and an average fuel economy of 25.4 miles per gallon, it’s easy to assume that you’ll burn through several dollars worth of fuel. Accordingly, this could easily represent a very significant drop in income. Thus, it’s crucial to take steps to manage your expenses; drive carefully to reduce the chances of burning fuel inefficiently. In addition, taking steps to reduce the wear and tear on your vehicle can also help manage your costs.

But costs will always still be an aspect to keep in mind. As such, when paying taxes on your delivery work, make sure you also claim any taxable allowances you’re owed. In line with this, tracking how much you drive for Amazon Flex and Fresh can help save money and increase your take-home pay.


While the Amazon Flex and Fresh platforms are undoubtedly some of the most popular options, it’s important to recognize that it’s not the highest-paying delivery app out there.

With this thought in mind, if you still want to take control of your earnings, it’s important to consider other options that could help you make a more reliable and stable income. Fortunately, plenty of excellent jobs can allow you to drive for multiple apps at once, including the much-loved Para and ParaWorks platforms.

What is ParaWorks?

First, clarifying the key features of the ParaWorks platform could help. ParaWorks is a specialist delivery driver app that connects users with numerous gig work opportunities across the US, making it a versatile and rapidly growing tool overall.

As such, for delivery drivers wanting new opportunities to make money in the downtime between Amazon Fresh and Flex blocks becoming available, driving for ParaWorks could offer countless benefits for food delivery driver jobs.

Why Drive for ParaWorks Alongside Amazon Flex and Fresh?

You might want to drive for ParaWorks alongside Amazon Flex and Fresh work for several key reasons. These include the following points:

  • Better pay rates than regular work: One of the great features of the ParaWorks platform is that it offers excellent pay rates for its gig worker team. This helps delivery drivers make more per hour (up to $50/hr) for their average work alongside their Amazon Flex and Fresh work.
  • Variety of jobs and opportunities: Another key benefit of working for the ParaWorks app is that you can enjoy a much greater variety of jobs and opportunities – making it easier for drivers to find the ideal solutions for their own working needs.
  • Additional work at your freedom: Due to having to book blocks in advance, getting enough work with the Amazon Flex and Fresh platforms is not necessarily easy. However, the ParaWorks app allows drivers to plan their time more carefully.

How Much Can I Earn with ParaWorks?

ParaWorks is one of the highest-paying, best gig apps on the market, giving drivers greater freedom and flexibility over their earnings. In line with this, if you have been looking to increase your income, ParaWorks could be the ideal place to start your efforts.

In fact, ParaWorks drivers can make anywhere up to $50 per hour, with $25 per hour payouts being much more regular than other platforms. As a result, this could be well worth considering as part of your own choice about where and how to work as a delivery driver.

That’s not to say you should give up on your goal of becoming an Amazon delivery driver – but the ParaWorks platform is an excellent option to help you develop a reliable and stable income.

Try ParaWorks


If you have been looking for a new way to make money alongside your regular work, becoming an Amazon delivery driver could be an excellent option. However, while Amazon Flex and Amazon Fresh can both offer good earning potential, they’re often not the best-paying platforms out there.

Indeed, you could try countless other high-paying delivery driver jobs–each of which can offer unique pros and cons. As such, don’t limit yourself solely to driving for Amazon; make sure you also consider working other types of driver shifts to help inform your final decision, such as through ParaWorks.

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