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February 25, 2024

20+ Best Paying Jobs and Apps in Trucking Freight / Courier Services to Work For in 2023

Funds are getting tighter for all of us, and as the cost of living continues to increase, so does the importance of considering an alternative income stream or a new job. However, if you have been struggling with this, don't panic ' countless amazing options could help you find the ideal solutions for your money-making needs.

With this thought in mind, we've outlined some of the key things you should know about working as a trucking, freight, or courier driver. Of course, whether you work as a gig or an employed position is entirely up to you!


There's no doubt that trucking and courier service jobs can be incredibly appealing to many people. However, if you want to get the most from your trucking, freight, or courier service provider career, you'll want to start with a job that genuinely values what you do.

You may want to look for several key things from the best trucking jobs. Of course, these will depend somewhat on the nature of the job; for example, a self-employed 1099 gig role will be very different from an employed career. In line with this, we'd strongly recommend considering the different types of jobs as part of your decision.

Ideally, the best trucking, freight, or courier service jobs will usually feature the following:

Fast Pay Times

You don't necessarily want to be left waiting for ages to receive your pay. As such, jobs that pay more regularly than the standard once a month are incredibly popular. Gig apps and jobs in the gig economy are among the best in this regard, with options such as the ParaWorks app often paying by the next working day.

Availability of Work

Having the freedom to take on more work when you need it can often be incredibly valuable. With this thought in mind, if you're likely to want more work when you get a little extra free time, choosing a job role that offers plenty of flexibility in the number of hours worked can be helpful.

Hourly Rate

Every job is different, and so is the hourly rate. However, you want to be sure that your courier or delivery job genuinely offers good compensation for your work ' and, in line with this, considering the hourly rate you're paid is vital.

Of course, working out the hourly rate of a job isn't always that easy. Most jobs pay for each hour worked. However, other structures exist, such as salaried positions and piece-rate jobs. These offer unique pros and cons, but it's not always clear which is right. Nonetheless, working out a rough pay per hour can help ensure you're fairly compensated for the time you put in.

Don't Forget About Bonuses

Bonuses are an important part of job roles that are well worth keeping in mind. Numerous different bonus structures are available, which may vary depending on their nature and requirements. For example, salaried positions may come with specific bonuses at the end of the financial year. In other scenarios, gig work may provide bonuses for meeting work targets. Prime examples of these include the Lyft Earnings Guarantee for rideshare drivers and GrubHub driver rewards for food delivery drivers, among others.

Promotions might not be a direct part of your pay packet. However, they can contribute to how much you receive from your work. For example, a job paying $20 per week without bonuses may not necessarily give better value than one paying $19 per week if the latter offers valuable perks on top of your base pay.

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Once you've worked out the type of job you want, you can begin looking at the best paying jobs in trucking/freight/courier services. Finding plenty of amazing career opportunities is often possible by looking at the biggest delivery apps and software options.

But don't forget ' there's no single job that's necessarily right for everyone. So, you should always keep this in mind when choosing the best-paying jobs and apps for your needs.

#1 ParaWorks ' Up to $50 Per Hour

One of the highest-paying jobs and apps in the courier services field has to be ParaWorks, which offers an incredibly lucrative earning opportunity of around $50 per hour.

Notably, ParaWorks is different from most other types of gig driver app options in that it's focused on delivering amazing solutions for drivers. This driver-focused mentality makes ParaWorks a brilliant option to consider for anyone wanting a reliable, professional, and effective delivery job.

ParaWorks offers numerous excellent features for drivers, including pre-approval on deliveries, easy scheduling, and numerous earning opportunities to help reduce downtime.

In addition, make sure you also integrate the Para app with your delivery driving work as well to help reduce downtime. The Para app is designed for people who need reliable ways to see the most crucial information about a delivery offer ' allowing you to auto-decline offers that aren't going to make you a fair rate of pay.

Try ParaWorks

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#2 Shipt ' Up to $35 Per Hour

Few gig apps can rival ParaWorks in terms of earning opportunities. However, the Shipt app comes somewhat close. Shipt offers grocery shopping and delivery services for customers across the United States; in fact, a total of 5000+ cities are already represented by the Shipt platform. What's more, with over one million downloads on Google Play alone for drivers, it's safe to say that the Shipt app is one of the most popular options on the market.

#3 Dumpling ' Up to $32 Per Hour

If you're looking for somewhere that rewards hard work, Dumpling's the place to go! Not only does it pay well, but Dumpling also allows drivers to create a profile, where those needing delivery services can find drivers. This feature helps reward drivers for providing consistently great support.

#4 Dolly ' Up to $30 Per Hour

Another brilliant delivery app that you may want to try if you've been looking to make more on the side is Dolly. Dolly works with furniture stores to provide a direct home delivery service. As such, you'll need to have a larger vehicle ' ideally a van or a truck ' to make this one work, but the rate of pay is definitely worth it!

#5 CVS ' Up to $26 Per Hour

If you have wanted something a little different, why not consider working on medical courier service jobs with CVS? CVS Health offers an excellent rate of pay across both full-time and part-time roles. As such, if you'd like to help ensure people get the care they need, CVS Health is a great place to start. CVS also tends to offer a flexible schedule, which helps many people fit it in around their existing commitments.

#6 UberEats ' Up to $25 Per Hour

Uber is one of the biggest names in the gig working world, and its food delivery service, UberEats, is no exception to this rule. UberEats accounts for a whopping quarter of the total US food delivery market, so it's easy to see why this excellent app is so popular among customers.

Accordingly, for gig drivers, UberEats also allows drivers to enjoy plenty of freedom to choose the best-paying jobs from a large pool of offers. As a result, if you're looking for an effective gig app to make money with food delivery services, UberEats is the choice for you.

#7 GrubHub ' Up to $25 Per Hour

Similar to UberEats, GrubHub is another major name in the US food delivery market. It's simple to apply for a position as a GrubHub driver. And, once you're approved, you can very quickly begin making deliveries to local customers as part of your food courier service jobs.

One of the great features of the GrubHub food delivery platform is that it's easy to integrate with the Para gig app. In turn, this makes multiapping and earning a good weekly wage with GrubHub easier than ever.

#8 Caviar ' Up to $25 Per Hour

It's not the easiest app to begin driving for; however, if you can meet Caviar's more specific requirements for delivery drivers, it could be a good option to consider. Caviar is often considered the high-end option for home deliveries, and though order numbers may be lower, it can certainly help provide a good income.

#9 Burpy ' Up to $25 Per Hour

Burpy is a hugely popular delivery app. The tool provides valuable grocery deliveries from local grocery stores across Texas.

#10 FoodFetched ' Up to $25 Per Hour

If you want to make more money with your delivery-driving efforts, we strongly recommend trying apps such as FoodFetched. FoodFetched is a specialist local delivery app that focuses on providing rapid delivery services to customers.

Better still, since FoodFetched has partnered with the ParaWorks app, you can potentially bolster your earnings even further by using the app. This provides rapid delivery services for customers (and more opportunities to make a quick dollar for drivers).

#11 Amazon Fresh ' Up to $25 Per Hour

If you love the fast-paced nature of fresh food delivery solutions, Amazon Fresh could be right for you. Amazon Fresh offers fresh food directly from Amazon itself as part of its ever-growing roster of services.

#12 Amazon Flex ' Up to $25 Per Hour

If you want to begin working on courier independent contractor jobs, Amazon Flex is a brilliant option to try. Flex is Amazon's package delivery service; drivers can collect packages directly from their local Amazon collection points. Being able to take multiple deliveries at once helps make this job a lucrative opportunity overall.

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#13 FedEx ' Up to $25 Per Hour

If you're looking for a full-time job opportunity as a courier, FedEx might be a great place to start. FedEx offers high rates of pay compared to some other delivery jobs, and the massive nature of the company further helps secure the role overall.

#14 GoPuff ' Up to $23 Per Hour

If you've been looking for courier service jobs, GoPuff is a good option to consider. It's primarily a grocery delivery app and provides numerous different delivery services for customers. Its wide range of delivery solutions ' from snacks to alcohol and everything in between ' makes it a popular choice for drivers and customers.

To get started with delivery driving for GoPuff, simply download the GoDrive app, and you'll be good to go!

#15 Roadie ' Up to $23 Per Hour

The Roadie app is undoubtedly a unique courier app, providing delivery for all manner of different products and items. Notably, drivers can make anywhere up to $650 for larger or more complex orders, so it offers a lucrative opportunity in many cases.

#16 Curri ' Up to $22 Per Hour

If you're looking for a reliable and professional gig app, you could absolutely consider Curri. Indeed, the Curri app is definitely one of the most up and coming delivery apps on the market. Better yet, it provides scheduled next-day payouts for its drivers, which can be a big boost to help tide you over until the next payday.

#17 PostMates ' Up to $20 Per Hour

As part of the UberEats group, PostMates is an undeniably popular choice of delivery app. While it's not as big as many of the other 'big names' in the field, it's still a great choice to consider if you've been looking for an app that helps fill in the gaps between deliveries. PostMates also offers a pretty good rate of pay, so it's a brilliant option overall.

#18 Walmart Delivery ' Up to $20 Per Hour

It might not be as high-paying as some of the other options, but if you're looking for the best-paying jobs in trucking/freight/courier services and don't want downtime, Walmart Delivery's a great place to start. This excellent app has countless different delivery options for customers, making it a brilliant choice if you've been looking for long-term courier service jobs near me.

#19 Waitr ' Up to $17 Per Hour

One of the great features of the Waitr app for drivers is that it offers excellent solutions for those wanting a stable income. Waitr requires its drivers to commit to at least two hours per week of driving work; however, you're free to go above that if you'd like. It also offers a daily cashouts feature, helping increase your earning opportunities overall.

#20 Favor ' Up to $12 Per Hour

Generally speaking, Favor is a lower-paying choice of courier service jobs. However, if you want to build the best paying jobs in trucking/freight/courier services, adding Favor to your roster to help fill idle time can really help.


If you have been looking for a way to boost your income, ensuring you've considered the different options available to you is integral. Indeed, in many cases, finding the best paying 'courier service and delivery driver jobs near me' can come with multiple different challenges since many such roles will try to pay as little as possible.

However, we've done our best to rank the 25 best-paying courier service jobs to help you understand what type of freight pays the most. While we can't guarantee that these will be the only well-paid freight roles, they're certainly among the most lucrative overall.

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