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February 25, 2024

5 Great Reasons Why Multiapping with Para will Take Care of Your Physical and Financial Safety

Delivery driving can offer potentially excellent opportunities if you have been looking to earn a new income. Whether you're looking for a new part-time side hustle or a full-time self-employed job, delivery driving is growingly popular. In fact, over one-third of Americans are now working in the gig economy; that's a huge number! However, delivery driving doesn't always offer a valuable opportunity.

As such, you should always consider this carefully to determine whether working as a gig driver could be right for you. Luckily, our experts are on hand to help you understand what multiapping is, how multiapping works, and five great reasons it could work for you.


Understanding multiapping is critical if you have been looking for ways to enhance your earning opportunities. Multiapping, as the name would suggest, is the act of working on multiple apps at once. This allows you to complete several jobs simultaneously ' increasing your earning potential accordingly.

Many gig workers avoid multiapping opportunities as they assume apps such as DoorDash won't like this. However, there's likely nothing to say that you cant; indeed, Entre Courier explains that gig economy companies are unable to disable accounts simply because you work for other gig companies. With this thought in mind, if you want to boost your earnings, multiapping might be idea.

What Delivery Apps Can I Use with Multiapping?

You can use almost any delivery app with multiapping. However, it is important to consider here that not every food delivery app is created equally. And, while multiapping can be highly effective for making low-paid deliveries more worthwhile on a pay-per-hour basis, it's still important to consider that low-paid and low-opportunity apps may be less suited to multiapping.

Remember: multiapping and making several deliveries simultaneously rely on the ability to scale your work. As such, when choosing delivery driving apps, look for apps that have numerous job offers.

DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub have a market share of around 60%, 20%, and less than 20%, respectively. Similarly, Uber and Lyft take the lion's share in the ride-hailing market. As such, multiapping with these three platforms can often provide the best number of delivery opportunities for gig drivers looking to earn more from their gig driving efforts.

Can I Streamline Multiapping Processes?

Multiapping is often a lucrative earning opportunity, but it's hard to manage in many cases. As such, we strongly recommend using the Para app with DoorDash, Uber Eats, and GrubHub to optimize your earning potential. Para makes it easier to manage multiapping, which can otherwise be something of a headache in some cases. Thus, you can take the hassle out of multiapping for maximum results with minimal extra effort. Let the Para driver app do the heavy lifting for you.


Ensuring financial stability and physical safety can often seem difficult in this day and age. If this is something that that you have been concerned about personally, you may want to consider the opportunities and value that delivery driving with apps such as DoorDash can offer. Some of the five main benefits of multiapping that can support your safety include the following.

#1 Increased Number of Jobs Completed

One of the most notable ways that multiapping with Para can help look after your financial safety and security is through the greater number of opportunities available. When working normally with gig apps, you will be significantly limited in how much you can work by the number of orders available.

Of course, gig drivers are not paid by the hour but by the job. As such, if you sit around for two hours and only get offered two $8 jobs, you will only make $8 per hour ' far less than the average US pay of around $20 per hour. Therefore, finding new ways to increase the number of jobs you complete is vital.

Unfortunately, if you only work on a single app, you will be limited to the number of opportunities. After all, a single delivery app will only have so many restaurants to serve! However, when you work across numerous apps, such as Grubhub, Uber, UberEats, Lyft, and Spark you will substantially increase the number of job opportunities you receive ' making it much easier to cut out idle time. And, as explained by Indeed, idle time is an unproductive use of otherwise potentially profitable time.

Cutting out idle time can deliver numerous benefits in its own right. Indeed, when you successfully cut out idle time from your gig work, you'll likely find that you enjoy far greater opportunities. Multiapping can support this by providing many more deliveries to complete. This strategy keeps you always on the move rather than sitting around waiting for the next order to come. In doing so, you'll earn more per hour and potentially complete more jobs across the working day.

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#2 Enhanced Gig Work Stability

One of the main challenges of gig work is finding enough work to make ends meet ' especially if you're working as a full-time gig worker. When completing gig work on a part-time basis, the pressure is arguably much lower, as you will likely have another income to support your bills. However, if you rely heavily on your gig work to make ends meet, not getting enough offers for a stable job role can be challenging.

Gig work, by its nature, isn't necessarily a stable job. Working with large apps such as DoorDash can help, as there may be more deliveries available; however, this doesn't change the fact that deliveries are often in high demand. With over one million DoorDash drivers, it's easy to see why competition is so fierce!

Plus, there can even be variations between different days and times; therefore, attempting to work on the slowest days for DoorDash may severely impact your ability to take on enough orders. Also, one can never predict when an app goes down or out of service.

Fortunately, multiapping can help reduce this earning instability. By 'splitting the risk' between multiple delivery apps, you help ensure that delivery opportunities will always be available for you. Just make sure to choose apps with a solid market share in your local area to ensure you'll get the chance to work.

#3 Earn More Per Hour

Did you know that multiapping can significantly increase the amount you can earn per hour with gig work? In many cases, gig workers accept a low rate of pay for the 'convenience of being their own boss. However, it doesn't have to be this way; multiapping with Para makes it possible to earn so much more per hour!

How does this work? Well, good multiapping requires you to take several deliveries on a single journey. In other words, you pick up the next order while passing by for the previous delivery. This strategy can take a little while to get the grips of and requires you to know where you're going; however, if you can pull it off, you'll see a huge increase in your hourly rate.

The easiest way to explain this is with an example. Let's assume you are offered an order that will take 20 minutes to complete and pays $4 before tips. That would equate to an hourly rate of $12. However, if you were able to multi app with Para, you'll be able to optimize your earnings potential.

Now, let's consider that you could pick up a second delivery en route to the first delivery. In total, this would take a five-minute detour to collect and deliver, and the order paid the same rate of $4 before tips. Here, you'd earn $8 for half an hour's work or $16 per hour before tips. Suddenly, you're looking at nearly a 40% increase in your pay when delivering for just a single app.

If you were able to add in a third detour during that route, this time valued at $3 and taking two minutes longer, you could increase your pay over 32 minutes to $11, or around $20.50 before tips per hour. That's almost twice as much!

Para shows you your delivery location (for Uber!), if the location is a house/an apartment, dollar/mile, mileage, etc. to quickly assess if the delivery is worth your time and you can accept/decline these offers from multiple apps with a single click within Para.

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#4 Reduces the Number of Hours You Need to Work

As a further benefit, multiapping with Para also allows you to reduce the number of hours you need to work! While one of the great things about being your own boss is that you can choose your hours, and if you need to work more you can, none of us really want to spend all of our time working. With this thought in mind, multiapping with Para can allow you to reduce the number of hours you need to work.

With ParaWorks, users of the Para app are offered higher-paying scheduled and on-demand job opportunities along your route, enabling you to earn more money and reduce your downtime.

If you work long shifts every day, you may be able to earn around 40% more with multiapping using Para. This can allow you to save up for your next big purchase or holiday much more efficiently. It's a great situation to be in!

#5 No More Distracted Driving - Accept/Decline Offers Within Para

Para's accept decline feature is designed with your safety in mind. Since Multi-apping with at least four different apps has become the norm these days, toggling and switching between these apps while driving can result in road accidents.

Para enables you to set your own criteria to auto-decline low-paying orders and auto-accept high-paying orders, so you can stay focused on fulfilling your orders and achieve your weekly earnings goals. With Para's accept/decline feature, you will receive order notifications & alerts from your favorite apps (like Grubhub, Uber, UberEats, Lyft, and Spark) within Para and are equipped with the information you'll need to accept/decline offers from within the Para app. Additionally, if you get 'paused' by a certain app, Para 'auto-unpauses' you so can get back to work without switching apps again.


Multiapping is an excellent way to improve your delivery driving efforts. However, there are also many other excellent ways to use the Para gig driver app to earn more money. Some of the main features of Para include the following.

See A List of All Items Ordered

Knowing what items you're delivering can help you estimate tips more accurately. This also allows you to ensure you have the necessary equipment to hand to make the delivery successfully.

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Identify Property Types for Deliveries

Avoiding apartment properties is a great idea if you'd rather avoid those long and difficult hikes up flights of stairs. Luckily, the Para app can let you see this information, ensuring you don't hurt yourself through overexertion. After all, a full meal isn't a lightweight order.

Flag Buildings/Restaurants/People

Do not wish to go back to an apartment, a restaurant, or a customer? No problem - Para's got you covered! You can now flag them in your Para app, and Para will automatically stop sending those orders to you. Neat, huh?

See Estimated Order and Tip Values

Gig apps hide tip values until the order is complete. Luckily, Para's smart algorithms help provide an estimate for tip value, which may help you more accurately avoid low-paying jobs. So, you can focus on jobs that are likely to pay fairly for your time.

Track Your Earnings and Mileage

Knowing how much you've earned and how far you've traveled is incredibly helpful. Luckily, Para can help with this, proving earnings and mileage trackers. You can claim back around 60 cents per mile on your taxes; if you're regularly traveling 20 miles per day while delivering, that's no small sum of money.


We're all feeling the pinch financially at the minute. With this thought in mind, it's become more important than ever for many of us to rely on alternative sources of income. This may explain why the size of the gig economy is expected to reach over 50% of American people by 2023 alone, with people rapidly turning to gig work to bolster their incomes. But not all gig work is created equally; still, having the right gigs can offer excellent earning opportunities. Luckily, multiapping might offer the ideal opportunities for your earning goals; the Para driver utility tools could be ideal for this goal.

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