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Deliver Durable Medical Equipment and Supplies Nationwide With ParaWorks

Streamline the patient’s post-acute care journey by providing same-day or next-day delivery of medical equipment and supplies to their homes, nursing & long-term care facilities, across the US.
Strengthen patient and referral relationships by delivering quality service with our national delivery driver pool of >100,000 vetted, hazmat-certified, experienced medical couriers. With our support, offer the speed, reliability, compassion, and privacy the patients deserve.
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What We Can Deliver For Pharmacies & Healthcare Companies

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Our team can deliver a wide range of medical devices, equipment, and care packages from hospital beds and patient lifts to cardiology devices and wound care supplies to patients’ homes, nursing care facilities, and senior living centers.

Infusion pumps and supplies
Oxygen contents, Oxygen equipment, and Respiratory equipment
Speech generating devices
Pressure-relief mattress, and hospital bed
Trapeze bar and patient lift
Wheelchairs and Wheelchair accessories
Walker, cane, tub seat, and bedside commode
Suction equipment
Feeding pump
Compression garments
Sleep therapy equipment
External prosthetics and orthotics
Fetal monitoring services
Diabetic supplies
Enteral nutrition
Ostomy supplies
Paps and supplies
Urologic supplies
Wound care
Other Durable medical equipment (DME) and supplies
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Why Businesses Choose ParaWorks for Medical Delivery & Courier Services

ParaWorks provides technical infrastructure, system, labor, and wallet-friendly solutions that enable businesses, big and small, to take advantage of on-demand (same-day and next-day), and customized schedule-ahead delivery options, and achieve their delivery goals with ease. Whether you are looking to offload delivery, looking for a solution to supplement your current driver fleet, or wish to build your own driver fleet, ParaWorks can help with all, proving beneficial for your customers and bottom line.

One delivery provider for all your needs

Para offers scheduled, multi-route pickup and delivery, same-day (up to 50 miles) posted 3 hours ahead of the start time, next-day delivery, & specialized courier services customized to your needs.

Flexible services!
Your Pharmacy partner!

Delivering hospital-at-home for anyone, anywhere in the U.S.

ParaWorks has a nationwide presence with over 100,000 experienced medical delivery professionals transporting life-saving medical devices and equipment to over 70 cities nationwide.

Automated dispatching, real-time (RT) tracking, and Proof of Delivery (POD)

Para enables RT order tracking, returns, and a record of each transaction. Simply connect our delivery API to your TMS, POS, WMS, or ERP system to automate order management, exception handling, and payments.

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On time delivery record

Delivery problems are a thing of the past

With a 98% on-time delivery record and higher-than-average successful first attempts, late and incomplete deliveries are worries of the past.

Para is Hazardous Materials Certified for Safety

All Para drivers pass background checks and are trained in the safe handling and transporting of biohazard material, sensitive and delicate medical supplies, and equipment.

Secured deliveries!
Average savings on multiple deliveries

Faster medical equipment & supplies delivery for less

Save time by scheduling multiple deliveries at once plus save an average of 25% when you send multiple deliveries in the same time frame

Deliver customer satisfaction while protecting margins

We offer clear, predictable, upfront pricing. No surprise fees based on zip codes or fuel charges. No upcharges for nights, weekends, or holidays.

Transparent pricing!
Swift launching!

Launch in new focus cities within days, not weeks

Businesses using ParaWorks gain unfair advantages with expansion. They grow their tentacles across the US, and expand in existing cities to meet peak capacity in under 3 days!

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Medical Delivery That Meets Your Budget & Urgency

ParaWorks offers urgent, rush courier, same-day, and next-day medical delivery services and also allows offers a variety of schedule-ahead options to save costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Schedule-Ahead Services

ParaWorks extends flexibility to businesses by supporting all schedule-ahead formats (route deliveries, A-to-B, and hour blocks) to lower costs and improve customer experience.

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Next-Day Delivery

With a promise to cater to urgency, we take measures to ensure packages will safely arrive on time the next day. If you ever need assistance, our top-rated customer service will assist you every step of the way.

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Rush Courier / Same-Day Delivery

Confidently offer same-day local delivery up to 50 miles with America’s favorite rush medical delivery service provider. Using Para, businesses save money, while offering competitive pricing to their customers. 

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Individual Gigs
One-time jobs with a 1-2 day completion window.
On Demand
Time-sensitive jobs that require prioritization posted 3 hours ahead of the start time.
Jobs that need a set amount of hours to complete.
Route Delivery
Block of deliveries along a pre-scheduled route, so you'll make a few stops along the way

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We Deliver With Care

Save money, deliver faster, and expand your business with a single solution for nationwide delivery.

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Looking for a Custom Solution?

We are building deep API integrations with custom driver-friendly flows to get the job done. Our team would love to learn more about your specific needs.

Still Got Questions?

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How do I schedule ahead a delivery with ParaWorks?

You can control when your jobs will be posted by adding/importing jobs directly on your ParaWorks dashboard that will be created for you.

Does ParaWorks deliver in my area?

ParaWorks operates nationwide and has drivers delivering to 70+ cities across the country. Contact us to confirm if we deliver in your area.

Do I need to prepare my package for transit?

Yes, packages will need to be prepared for transit - drivers/couriers will pick up packages and deliver them

How fast do you deliver?

We can deliver same-day or next-day and support all types of schedule ahead options – route, A->B, and block deliveries.

Do you share Proof of Delivery?

Our POD documentation is a complete record tracking the items from the DMEPOS supplier to the beneficiary and includes the following:

  • Beneficiary's name
  • Delivery address
  • Delivery service's package identification number, supplier invoice number, or alternative method that links supplier's delivery documents with delivery service's records
  • A description of item(s) being delivered. Description can be a narrative description (e.g., lightweight wheelchair base), a HCPCS code, the long description of a HCPCS code, or a brand name/model number
  • Quantity delivered
  • Date delivered
  • Evidence of delivery
What kinds of items does ParaWorks prohibit?


What is the maximum size and weight for packages?
  • There are no specific size restrictions but in general package sizes need to be able to fit in passenger vehicles.
  • No weight restrictions, but packages are being handled by a single person. 

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