Use Onfleet But Have Trouble Finding Drivers?

Para helps businesses easily find, onboard, manage and pay pre-screened, professional gig workers from one location.
Many of our Partners using Onfleet trust Para to hire high-quality, and reliable temp workers to handle time blocks, routes, individual tasks, and on-demand gig work.
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Why Onfleet Partners Choose ParaWorks?

Onfleet is a great dispatch tool, but it is challenging to find and onboard drivers with Onfleet. Their Partners have to use multiple tools to manage driver scheduling, onboarding, and payments - but that ends now. Para can help you find and onboard drivers in no time!

Pre-vetted food delivery drivers with active background checks
Of jobs are accepted <5 mins of being made availableted
< 48
hours for us to launch a new partnership in a new city

Our Partners That Use Onfleet

Returnmates is a fast-growing, LA-based technology and logistics startup that enables consumers to return online purchases without leaving their home. Their mission is to make online shopping more enjoyable by providing a return experience that’s as seamless as the purchase. They combine technology and logistics to provide a white-glove service for consumers -- no more printing, boxes, and tape!
Table22 is a subscription-based platform that helps restaurants build, manage, and grow offerings for fans and guests. They offer a full suite of purpose-built software for running a successful program, including e-commerce, order management, payments, guest communications, and logistics enablement so partners can expand their reach.
FULFLLD is a tech-enabled last-mile delivery service provider on a mission to bring customer service back to the last-mile delivery space. FULFLLD utilizes cutting-edge technology, well-trained driving partners, and intelligent logistics. They partner with grocery and meal prep brands as well as local catering businesses, with a focus on implementing the best customer experience for brands.
California's most iconic restaurants and bakeries. Delivered together for one $5 fee. Top food discovery marketplace. The nation's best food gifts.
Ohi is a leading instant commerce solution for direct-to-consumer and enterprise brands looking to grow their business by enabling powerful post-purchase experiences. Leveraging its proprietary, data-driven inventory management technology and robust micro-warehousing platform to forward position inventory within city centers, Ohi enables brands to offer a premium, environmentally responsible, instant or scheduled delivery experience to their customers.

How Do I Get Started?

Option - 01

Beef Up Your Own Driver Operation:

Connect the Para dashboard to your Onfleet account to manage scheduling, pay rates, etc.

Post jobs to the Para driver network with a simple button click

When a driver accepts the job, the driver is automatically registered in your Onfleet account, prompted to download the app, and assigned to your driver team.You can now manage the driver as one of your own!

Track & initiate payments through the Para dashboard

Option - 02

Have us manage opportunities on your behalf:

Assign trips to the Para organization

Para will fulfill the trips for you, and you will receive all the relevant information including trip tracking, signatures & pictures, etc.

Receive convenient end-of-month invoicing from Para

Looking for a Custom Solution?

We are building deep API integrations with custom driver-friendly flows to get the job done. Our team would love to learn more about your specific needs.

Want to Get Involved?

We love to create more opportunities for our community and partners.