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Here at Para, our goal is to help put more dollars in your pockets. This includes uncovering new opportunities to help you reach your goals faster.

ParaWorks is a new way for drivers to find high-paying scheduled & on-demand job opportunities to make your work day much more efficient and profitable!

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ParaWorks jobs pay, on average, more-per-hour than your platform work.

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How Does it Work?

Step 01
Sign Up & Create Your Profile

Your work history is your resume. Build a resume that unlocks access to exclusive, high-paying gigs in your area.

Step 02
Claim Jobs

We will notify you when new jobs are area released in your area. View and claim them in the ‘Works’ tab of the Para app.

Step 03
Complete The Job

We will provide you all the information you need ahead of time. You just need to show up (on time) and complete the gig. 
The more you complete the more you will be offered!

Get pre-approved, skip the line, and enjoy expedited onboarding only at ParaWorks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up for ParaWorks?


Download the Para app, link at least one other account and sign up in the Works tab!

Why do I have to upload my work history?


Your work history is your resume, and helps us show our partners that you are reliable and dependable!

What cities are ParaWorks opportunities available in?


ParaWorks opportunities are currently posted regularly in: Washington, D.C, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Chicago, New York City, Austin, Philadelphia, and Denver. 

Coming Soon to these cities: West palm, Miami, Indianapolis, Salt Lake City, Bellevue, Trenton, Huntsville, Oklahoma City, Kansas City, Minneapolis

We are adding new cities everyday so even if your city is not listed here we suggest you sign up to be first to be notified when we do launch it!

What kinds of work will I be doing?


Our partners offer a variety of delivery and merchandising opportunities. And we are adding more each day! Here are a couple of the most common gig types:

  • Food Delivery - it’s just like it sounds. Go to a restaurant, pick up the food, drop it off. Sometimes these are catering orders (and you’ll know in advance of accepting), and sometimes food delivery opportunities are released several hours to a day in advance.
  • Package Delivery - it’s just like Amazon Flex. When you sign up for a package delivery shift, you’ll know the start location, hourly rate, and duration before accepting.

What partners do you work with?


We currently work with:

Ohi, Returnmates, Fulflld, Locale, Table22, nimble, baggednbrought, foodfetched, orangecrate, Dlivrd, houstondelivers, and Jimmy Johns!

How do I get paid?


The when and how you get paid depends on the partner you worked with. Here is a list of our partners and the payment methods. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us as help@withpara.com

What is 'Route Delivery' vs. 'Meal Delivery'?

  1. 'Route Delivery' is a block of deliveries along a pre-scheduled route, so you'll make a few stops along the way.
  2. 'Meal Delivery' is Point A to Point B - similar to your regular platform work.

We recommend checking both to see what is available in your area!


Currently Filling Roles


Individual Gigs

One-time jobs with a 1-2 day completion window.


On Demand

Time-sensitive jobs that require prioritization.



Jobs that need a set amount of hours to complete.

Route Delivery

Block of deliveries along a pre-scheduled route, so you'll make a few stops along the way

Para’s Code of Conduct

It's simple.
Workers must:
be treated well and with respect.

be paid properly for their time.

benefit from this opportunity.

receive all payment details.

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