February 25, 2024

What we are doing and why

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The current gig economy has brought much needed flexibility and convenience to workers, offering opportunities with one press of a button.

What's happening:

  • Gig workers are realizing they can't depend on just one app: optimizing trips and generating competition for their time is key to increasing earnings and making a good living.
  • Most gig apps are currently designed to try and keep workers exclusively on that one platform, with non-transparent pricing and incentives just beyond reach.
  • As a result, juggling apps is incredibly difficult right now, particularly while on the road.

At Para, we believe it is time to build a better, worker-focused gig economy now, with tools that are tailored to individuals' preferences and goals.

Our goal is to put more money in gig workers' pockets by using a central hub that integrates and communicates with the different systems run by various platforms, helping ensure an optimal outcome for each gig worker.

With this in mind, we are building out our ParaWorks platform to be each user's own personal dispatch system, including:

  • Surfacing additional opportunities for users to supplement their existing work or fill gaps during slow periods
  • Easily and safely accepting and declining opportunities from various platforms within one environment, the Para app, allowing users to find and prioritize the jobs that make the most sense for their personal goals across many options
  • Synthesizing data across jobs to help users complete them in the most efficient manner
  • Consolidating earnings tracking, mileage reimbursement and tax documents across gig platforms
  • Creating a centralized Para Profile, including background check information, that will help users get pre-approved for new opportunities
  • Leveraging users' professional track record within their profile to help them earn more

With these tools, gig workers will be more empowered and better positioned to achieve their goals on their terms.

While we're building this platform with gig workers at the core, we believe the added efficiency, safety and flexibility will benefit everyone within the gig ecosystem.

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