February 25, 2024

Para's Monthly Newsletter - March

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Welcome to our Monthly Newsletter!

We are excited to share with you frequent updates on what the Para team has been working on, and share some updates that you may not have seen in the app.

PS - read to the end for a chance to win $50!

Flagging Unwanted Deliveries


We have heard from you and understand from first-hand experience that it is frustrating to pickup from restaurants that are slow, deliver to buildings with rude doorkeepers, or inconsiderate customers. We also have heard how important it is to you to track people or places that you enjoy and are working to add more options!

Para's new flagging system allows you to flag restaurants, delivery locations, and even people that you do or don't want to accept orders from in the future. Additionally, you can view all your flags and update them from the "account" section of the Para app. 

ParaWorks is Expanding!

Para doesn't only want to give you the tools to help you earn more money, we also want to display additional earning opportunities in your city. After a few successful pilots in the Los Angeles and San Francisco Bay Area, we are expanding ParaWorks to new major markets such as New York, Austin, Houston, Dallas, Boston, Philadelphia, Seattle, Washington D.C. and more! 

Join our waitlist now to be one of the first users in your city to qualify!

More on our Tip Predictor '

Our confidence in the tip predictor feature continues to increase every day! When you see those sparkles, you can feel confident that you are seeing the full payout for the delivery. 

Tell us what you think about Para for the chance to win $50

Complete Survey!A Note from David, Para's Co-Founder & CEO

Hear from David about our new features!We're here to help.

Our goal is always to put more dollars in your pockets by helping you gig smarter. Additionally, the more you use Para, the smarter our app becomes, so we need your help!

Thank you again for your continued support of Para and for being a part of the movement.

Reach out to us athelp@withpara.comif you have any questions!

- Connor, on behalf of the Para team

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