February 25, 2024

New and Improved Grubhub Transparency Features

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Last Updated 12/7/21
We have improved our Grubhub transparency features, and fixed the login issue ' (Try it again!)

We're really happy Grubhub decided to show everyone mileage! However, to make your work even more easy and safe, we show the following before you accept the order.

How we help you earn more on Grubhub:

  • Food Ready By Time - So you don't go the restaurant earlier than necessary!
  • Tip Amount - See how much the tip portion is BEFORE you accept the order.
  • Miles = current location -> restaurant -> drop-off location. Always factor in the distance you have to drive to pickup the order!
  • $/Mile - We calculate this from where you are when you get the order, not just from restaurant to customer. Plus, we'll do the math for you.

This is still the beta version.

We'd love for you to try it again! You can log back into the app, re-enter your credentials, and turn on the toggle.

This is still a beta version, for now, so the toggle will turn itself off every hour. Simply flip it back on to continue.

We rely on your expertise and feedback to improve the experience and help you earn more. If you have feedback, we want to hear from you!

Questions we get:

How do I use Mileage Transparency (Grubhub) Features?
Under the "Drive" tab, you can add your Grubhub credentials. Once you add it, turn on the toggle (to green) and you'll start getting notifications and offers in your offer history.

If you're seeing other issues, please first ensure your app is updated (1.0.13) and try restarting the app. If this does not work, please email us a description of your issue with your phone number to help@withpara.com.


Our goal is always to make gig work safer and easier for you, and to put more dollars in your pockets. Additionally, the more you use Para, the smarter our app becomes, so we need your help!

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