February 25, 2024

Is Multi-Apping For Me?

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While it's challenging, multi-apping can significantly increase income.

Multi-apping, or the art of juggling multiple gig apps simultaneously, is a money making strategy for most full-time gig drivers. But it may not be for everyone, given that it makes driving and delivering more stressful and dangerous.

We've found that if you're into hustling and trying news gigs, then multi-apping was made for you.

The Phases of Multi-Apping

Phase 1: One apper

You only mostly drive for 1 app, for instance, DoorDash, Uber, Grubhub, etc. You try to get the incentives they have, such as completing 50 trips in 2 days. These apps do their best to keep you on their app. The more drivers they have, the better! But it's not necessarily in your best interest.

Phase 2: App switcher

This is where you have accounts with multiple gig apps. You have one app on at a time, switching to the other app when things are slow.

Phase 3: Multi-Apping

However, there's a big perceived problem with these second tier apps. None of them stand alone very well. Sure, you can get $2 bucks on Observa for literally taking a picture of produce at the grocery store, but you'll only get maybe 2-3 ��of those a week tops if you're lucky.

Observa and the Observa like apps of the world are small and scrappy, the aggregate payouts don't look big, and they're not enough on their own to make a very big difference for your bottom line.

True enough.

But what if you were already on an Instacart run and happened to stumble upon an Observa in your store? And what if there wasn't one Observa in your city, but more like 5-15 other Observa level apps in your area that you could pick up easy?

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