February 25, 2024

ParaWorks Update: Find and complete jobs in the app

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We are very excited to announce the launch of the ParaWorks in-app experience! ParaWorks is a new feature within the Para app that connects independent contractors to new earning opportunities in their area.

Over the past three months, ParaWorks drivers in Northern California completed ~10,000 opportunities for our partner Buffalo Market through external forms. Going forward, all opportunities will be offered, claimed, and completed on the 'Works'' tab from the Para app.

Also in the update:

  • Opportunities in map view
  • Completed task tracking
  • Quick links to our support team

There are over 150 opportunities posted daily in Northern California. If you live in the area, start earning with Para by updating your app and onboarding on the 'Works' tab!

If you live outside of NorCal, please sign up with ParaWorks on the 'Works' tab and we will notify you when we have opportunities in your region.

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