February 25, 2024

How to Quickly Earn $50 Day ' 15 Legit and Easy Methods

Have you ever wondered how to make $50 a day quickly? While nothing can give you a $50 cash handout without any input, there are still options you could consider ' and we've summarized some of the fifteen best legit and easy methods to help you make $50 a day. Whether that's on the side or as your main income is up to you!


When it comes to your gig work, ensuring you've started out with the right options is important. Nonetheless, with a suitable approach, it's absolutely possible to make $50 a day on the side without too much difficulty; that's why so many people are giving gig work a try to help bolster their earnings instead.

However, an important point to note here is that making a 100% passive income without any input isn't possible. You'll always have to give something to make money on the side ' but fortunately, $50 a day extra is a surprisingly easy feat. In fact, it's even potentially possible to make far more than that, or even make this in just an hour of working time!

How Much Can I Make With Side Hustles?

One of the great features of side hustles is that you can be your own boss, which allows you full control over how much you work. Indeed, many self-employed workers will work over 60 hours per week ' and when the work's relatively easy, seeing this appeal doesn't take too much thought! This is substantially higher than the average US working hours per week of 37.5.

However, the nature of self-employed work offers a significant benefit here. Indeed, many self-employed workers have full freedom over how much they work. As such, whether you work one hour or 70 is entirely up to you! This will, of course, directly impact how many you make a day with gig work.

How Many Hours Do I Need to Work to Make $50 a Day?

If you want to make an additional $50 a day, you probably won't need to do too much extra! Indeed, the average hourly pay of a delivery worker is often around $17. With this thought in mind, in order to make about $50 per day, you'd likely be looking at working hours of approximately three hours per day.

That's not bad; if you normally work a regular 9 to 5 job, you could boost your income significantly by just working a few more hours on either side. However, it is possible to optimize this income potential massively by starting out with high-paying gig apps and legitimate gig jobs to make extra income. In fact, you might be able to make $50 a day just by working one or two extra hours, provided you start with the highest-paying gig apps. Wow!

What if I Want To Make More Than $50 a Day?

Making $50 a day equates to around $18,000 a year ' not a small sum of money! However, if you want to make more than this, you can increase the amount you earn on the side.

It's worth considering that many apps now require gig workers to take at least six hours off uninterrupted per day and limit working hours to twelve per day. However, this still allows up to 84 hours per week of work; that's potentially a very significant sum of money!

If you were to work the maximum amount, that would equate to earnings of up to $1428 per week ($5700 per month)! That's no small sum of money!


If you're looking to make $50+ per day, plenty of excellent app options exist. However, since it's not uncommon for gig workers to make less than $500 per month, ensuring you're one of the ones who are really ahead of the game is crucial. But don't worry; with the following options, making a fair rate for the work you do becomes almost effortless.

#1 Uber

Earning potential: Up to $22 per hour

If you have a spacious car and commit to getting people from A to B, Uber could be your ideal platform. Indeed, not only is it a hugely popular choice of ridesharing app, but it's also a great way to work, with numerous different opportunities and incentives to help.

Better still, Uber, UberEats, Lyft, and GrubHub can all be integrated with the Para app for amazing results (more on that later).

Try Uber

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#2 UberEats

Earning potential: Up to $

Working alongside the main Uber ridesharing platform, UberEats is also one of the hottest names in the food delivery industry, with over 80 million users and almost 11 billion USD in revenue. The platform offers a simple way for drivers to receive orders for food delivery; then, all you need to do is collect the food from your local restaurant and head down to the recipient's address to deliver.

Try UberEats

#3 ParaWorks

Earning potential: Up to $50 per hour

Finding high-paying gig work can be hard, but ParaWorks is on hand to change that. indeed, as one of the highest-paying gig platforms, ParaWorks offers up to a whopping $50 per hour ' and pay is based on numerous different factors, ensuring you get a fair rate for the work you do. Take orders on the go or even accept bookings for larger deliveries in advance, helping you plan out your time on the road and make more money as a professional gig driver accordingly.

What's more, ParaWorks also pays out (as standard) the next day through the GigWage app, helping you get your money even faster.

Try ParaWorks

#4 GrubHub

Earning potential: Up to $18 per hour

We've all seen the GrubHub ads ' but did you know that working as a GrubHub driver can also be a pretty lucrative gig app job? Not only does it offer plenty of delivery opportunities, but the GrubHub Contribution scheme also guarantees a minimum hourly rate if you manage to achieve at least a 75% acceptance rate ' offering greater security too.

Try Grubhub

#5 Lyft

Earning potential: Up to $20 per hour

Lyft is often considered a brilliant place to work as a rideshare driver since it offers many great options and opportunities. Not only does it offer an excellent cancellation policy if your ride doesn't show up after five minutes, but it also provides a huge array of brilliant perks and benefits for its drivers too. What's not to love?

Try Lyft

#6 Instacart

Earning potential: Up to $26 per hour

Instacart is one of the leading providers in the grocery delivery field, and their choice of services ' either an in-store shopper or full-service provider ' also allows greater flexibility over how you work. Admittedly, most people will do more doing a complete job from start to finish; if you don't feel comfortable with this, you can always stick with just grabbing items from the shelves instead.

Try Instacart

#7 Shipt

Earning potential: Up to $32 per hour

Ever thought of trying Shipt? As one of the biggest on-demand grocery delivery apps, Shipt offers an excellent solution for individuals looking to get products delivered directly to their doors. Notably, Shipt offers a professional grocery delivery service that's available in over five thousand cities.

Try Shipt

#8 Walmart Delivery

Earning potential: Up to $18+ per hour

As one of the largest retailers in the US, it's not really surprising that Walmart has its own delivery service. Using the Sparks app, drivers can pick up and deliver groceries from a local Walmart store directly to the customer's home, offering a simple way to make extra cash on the side.

Try Walmart Spark Delivery

#9 Caviar

Earning potential: Up to $25 per hour

As the higher-end choice of food delivery app, Caviar does require its drivers to meet more criteria, such as having pre-existing experience as a food delivery driver. However, with that being said, the platform does also offer a somewhat higher rate of pay, so this makes up for it if you're eligible.

Try Caviar

#10 PostMates

Earning potential: Up to $17 per hour

PostMates is part of the wider Uber group, and helps boost Uber Eats' total market share to around 25%. Pay rates are a little lower than some other options, but it's a great tool to use alongside your other favorite apps as part of a multiapping strategy.

Try Postmates

#11 Amazon Fresh/Flex

Earning potential: Up to $25 per hour

Millions of orders go through Amazon every day ' and someone's got to delivery them! You might just find that this offers the ideal opportunity for you, too; indeed, Amazon Fresh and Amazon Flex pay out around $25 per hour, and Flex in particular, you can take numerous parcels on a single delivery route. Even more exciting is that job offers are incredibly common, so you won't have to worry about getting enough work to make $50 per day.

Try Amazon Flex

#12 Dumpling

Earning potential: Up to $18 per hour

If you've been looking for a way to make extra cash, Dumpling could be the option you need. This brilliant app allows workers to get reviewed for their work, allowing you to build up a profile and boost your orders accordingly.

Try Dumpling

#13 GigWalk

Earning potential: Up to $50 per hour

If you've ever felt like getting your detective hat on, why not give GigWalk a try? GigWalk is a professional mystery shopping app that allows individuals to quickly find new earning opportunities. Visit local stores ' potentially even as part of your regular shopping trips ' and carry out mystery shopping to assess the store on its customer service and performance. It's an easy way to make cash on the side, and it can be great fun for many people, too.

Try GigWalk

#14 Task Rabbit

Earning potential: Up to $25 per hour

If you're looking for a new earning opportunity but don't quite know what you want to do, how about a little of everything with Task Rabbit? Using the Task Rabbit platform, individuals are paid to complete numerous tasks, from cleaning the house to collecting groceries from the store.

Try TaskRabbit

#15 Via

Earning potential: Up to $29 per hour

Via is a smaller ridesharing platform, but don't let that put you off. Indeed, Via is one of the largest ridesharing platforms around the world, operating across 20+ countries. It's popular for drivers who want to make a higher rate than regular platforms tend to offer.

Try Via


So, we've outlined some of the hottest gig apps to help you learn how to make $50 dollars fast. But did you know you can push this further with a few simple steps?

One of the best options to consider as part of this decision is to make sure you're using the Para delivery driver tools to bolster your earnings. Indeed, Para is undeniably one of the most popular apps for gig drivers, offering plenty of great features that help users make more money for their efforts.

Uber Drivers use Para

As one of the best gig worker apps, Para helps bolster your earnings through legit side hustles overall. It's effective across several different platforms, helping you know before you go whether a job's worth doing. After all, while plenty of brilliant side hustles pay well, not every offer is lucrative when you're working on a piece rate.

Plus, Para helps provide a passive, automated management solution that auto-declines low-value offers and allows you to focus your efforts exclusively on jobs that are worth your time. So, make sure you consider the demands involved to decide whether a delivery is worth the effort.


Everyone dreams of creating a fully passive, effortless passive income stream that can give them hundreds of dollars every single month for no work. Unfortunately, the reality is that this isn't entirely possible.

Nevertheless, you can try plenty of brilliant, almost passive income ideas alongside your normal work and activities. So, whether you look to complete online surveys while watching your favorite shows or if you'd like to make an easy passive income doing deliveries while on the way to work, there are opportunities for everyone to transform idle time into a profitable venture.

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