February 25, 2024

25 High-Paying Delivery Driver Jobs and Apps to Work For in 2023

Making money from home ' it's a dream that many of us aspire to. However, in reality, going self-employed comes with numerous different challenges. With this thought in mind, being able to find the most effective earning opportunities is integral ' and our experts are on hand today to give you a little more inspiration on where and how to start your new self-employed career.

Of course, to develop a suitable income system, it's crucial to look at the different options available ' and becoming a delivery driver could be just what you've been looking for.


High-paying delivery opportunities aren't always easy to find, but knowing where and how to start your search can definitely help. Fortunately, for those looking to harness their vehicle to earn a part-time or full-time income, countless amazing options exist.

But what constitutes high-paying delivery driver jobs near me? Well, for this list, we're focusing on the best delivery apps and delivery roles that pay well. As such, we're only looking at options that work out higher than the $16.36 average pay per hour. However, it's worth considering that the average hourly pay estimate can vary significantly depending on where you look, often between $11 and around $30.

12 Great Delivery Apps You Could Try for Gig Work

One of the great opportunities available for people looking to try delivery driving is to work on a gig delivery app. Indeed, gig apps are highly popular options for people who want the freedom of a self-employed role but without the hassle of finding work.

Some of the great benefits of working for a gig worker app include:

  • Be your own boss: Working on gig driver apps allows you to determine when you work and how, and this freedom is something that many people love. Being able to be your own boss helps take the stress off the job in many cases and allows for more freedom overall.
  • Work around your current job: Another reason that many people love gig work is that it allows you to work around your current job. Whether you're looking to increase the number of hours you work or if you want to monetize the time you have away from the office, gig work is a brilliant option to consider.
  • Work as long as you want: Another great perk of working for a gig app is that you can work however many hours you want! While some gig apps will implement rules preventing you from working more than a set number of hours per day, these are usually high ' for example, around 12 hours per day ' leaving almost limitless working time.
  • Drive for multiple apps: In many cases, if you're a gig worker, you'll enjoy the benefit of being able to drive multiple apps simultaneously. This is known as multiapping, and it takes some time to get the hang of delivering for multiple delivery driver jobs at once. However, if you implement tools like the Para app, managing work across several apps becomes easier.

#1 UberEats

Earning potential: up to $25+ per hour

One of the best places to start your search for delivery gig work is with UberEats. UberEats is one of the largest gig driver apps on the market, with a total market share of around 23%. As such, it's safe to say that it's a great option for those wanting an effective, reliable delivery app overall. Better yet, optimizing your work on the UberEats platform with the ParaWorks app offers a simple solution for those wanting to find the best gig apps.

UberEats Driver

#2 PostMates

Earning potential: up to $20 per hour

As part of the UberEats group, PostMates helps bump the total market share of the UberEats platform to around 25%. In line with this, PostMates can be a brilliant earning option for those wanting to make good money with 'delivery jobs near me.' PostMates typically pays around $18 per hour on average, with earnings of up to $20 being completely possible.

PostMates Driver

#3 GrubHub

Earning potential: up to $25 per hour

Another big name in the delivery driver field is GrubHub, which has approximately a 12% market share. As such, you can be pretty confident of great results from the GrubHub platform if you've been looking for a delivery app to work for.

Pay with Grubhub is often more reliable than other delivery apps since the bulk of pay is made based on mileage and delivery times. As a further bonus, GrubHub contribution also ensures that drivers have the chance to make a good rate even on slower days. As such, it's a brilliant place to start if you've been looking for somewhere to make a good income overall ' potentially up to $1000/week.

Try Grubhub

#4 ParaWorks

Earning potential: up to $50 per hour

ParaWorks is another brilliant earning opportunity that could be excellent if you've been looking for a gig app that genuinely values you for your time and the effort you put in! In short ' it's probably one of the highest paying gig apps you'll find on the market.

ParaWorks - highest paying gig work in the market

Indeed, the ParaWorks app offers numerous different earning opportunities for its drivers across numerous states and cities. By partnering directly with local businesses and offering next-day payouts across many of its partners, ParaWorks provides an ideal earning opportunity for gig drivers overall. Partners can also implement Para to really help take hold of their finances.

Try ParaWorks

#5 Saucey

Earning potential: up to $18 per hour

Saucy's undoubtedly a unique delivery platform since it offers a wide selection of age-restricted products for home delivery. These include tobacco, vapes, spirits, and the like.


#6 Eaze

Earning potential: up to $21 per hour

If you fancy something a little different, why not give delivery driving with Eaze a go? Eaze is a dedicated cannabis delivery service. It's pretty well-paying for a delivery app, too, which really helps increase its appeal overall.

Drive with Eaze

#7 Curri

Earning potential: up to $25 per hour

Making good money from your delivery work often relies on using smaller delivery apps that target a more personalized service. The Curri app demonstrates this well, offering around $25 per hour for many drivers.

Try Curri

#8 KingCourier

Earning potential: up to $21 per hour

KingCourier is another brilliant Para partner that's an excellent option to consider if you've been looking for a reliable, professional delivery app that pays well. One of the notable features of King Courier that not all delivery apps offer is that it allows users to

King Courier is available for San Francisco Bay residents looking for delivery solutions.


#9 FoodFetched

Earning potential: up to $25 per hour

Another growingly popular food delivery app that you could work for is FoodFetched, a ParaWorks partner that's highly valuable for those wanting a simple driving opportunity.

Perhaps its best feature is that FoodFetched is something of an unknown for gig drivers ' which means that the platform often has more orders than its drivers can actually make. Thus, this could be the best place to start if you're looking to get started without the massive competition.

Try FoodFetched

#10 Instacart

Earning potential: up to $23 per hour

There are countless brilliant apps like Instacart that can allow you to make money on the go, and this is well worth considering as part of your decision. With Instacart, drivers have the opportunity to work as both an in-store shopper or a full-service shopper, depending on preferences. This can make Instacart driving a valuable option to consider in many cases.

Shop with Instacart

#11 Caviar

Earning potential: up to $22 per hour

If you want a higher earning opportunity, Caviar could be just the platform you need. Caviar drivers tend to be more highly vetted before they can start work; however, they generally receive plenty of work offers and earning opportunities.

Try Caviar

#12 Waitr

Earning potential: up to $17 per hour

If it's a stable gig app you're looking for, Waitr is well worth trying. Indeed, the Waitr app offers home delivery services for countless clients ' and, so long you can meet at least two hours weekly, you know you'll be in for good earning opportunities.

Try Waitr

#13 Walmart Delivery

Earning potential: up to $18 per hour

Considering the brand's size, it's not surprising that Walmart has ended up with its own team of dedicated gig drivers.

Try Walmart Delivery

#14 Shipt

Earning potential: up to $30 per hour

There's no doubt that finding delivery apps that pay well isn't always easy. Luckily, with rates of pay up to $30 an hour, Shipt is definitely one of the highest-performing options out there. Shipt provides household grocery delivery services to clients across the US, making it a great place to begin looking for work.

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Try Shipt

#15 Seamless

Earning potential: up to x per hour

If you're looking for a top-rated restaurant delivery service, Seamless could be a great place to start. As part of the wider GrubHub family, it's available across countless major locations across the US.

Seamless Driver

#16 Burpy

Earning potential: up to x per hour

Burpy is an increasingly popular same-day grocery delivery app that offers plenty of flexibility for buyers ' making it a great place to go if you want to provide services your customers will genuinely appreciate. Burpy is available across several areas, including Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Texas, and Fort Worth.

#17 Bagged'n'Brought

Earning potential: up to $25 per hour

Bagged'n'Brought offers an excellent option for those in and around California looking to make money on the side with delivery driving. You may struggle to earn a full-time income from the app alone due to competition for orders, but it's a great tool to make some on the side or to pair with other apps such as ParaWorks.

Drive for Bagged n Brought

#18 TaskRabbit

Earning potential: up to $25 per hour

Although TaskRabbit isn't specifically a delivery app, it does allow you to make local deliveries ' such as picking up someone's groceries for them. As such, if you've been looking for an app that allows you to quickly and easily find local delivery options, it's well worth a try.

Try TaskRabbit

#19 Dumpling

Earning potential: up to $32 per hour

If you've been looking for new delivery opportunities, the Dumpling app is definitely a great place to start. This excellent app is one of the most high-paying apps on this list; its unique profile system really helps reward drivers for giving high-quality services.

Try Dumpling

#20 Amazon Fresh

Earning potential: up to $25 per hour

Amazon has branched out into countless different fields in this day and age, and that includes fresh food delivery. Amazon Fresh is a leading grocery delivery service that provides excellent earning opportunities for delivery drivers.

Try Amazon Fresh

#21 Amazon Flex

Earning potential: Up to $25 per hour

When it comes to parcel delivery jobs, working as a gig driver for Amazon Flex is definitely one of the best options to consider. Amazon Flex offers amazing earning opportunities for those wanting the regularity of working with Amazon (but without the challenges that come with delivering fresh goods.

Try Amazon Flex

#22 GoPuff

Earning potential: Up to $20 per hour

GoPuff sets itself apart as an 'all you can need' grocery delivery platform, which is worth keeping in mind as part of your decision. Critically, GoPuff markets itself as 'the world's first digital convenience retailer.' However, it's worth considering that while earnings of $20 are possible, the median may be more like $17 ' you'll need to keep productivity in mind to get the good jobs!

Try GoPuff

Full-Time Delivery Driver Job Positions That May Work For You

If you're not sure that working for a gig driver app is the right option for your needs, you could consider getting a full-time employed role instead. Fortunately, there are several brilliant delivery driver job positions that may work if you're looking for a long-term opportunity.

Some of the key benefits of working as an employed delivery driver include:

  • Stable income: With a contracted delivery driver position, you know how many hours you'll work at least a week. Of course, there may be a little scope to increase the number of hours that you work, but a stable income can help ensure you know where you stand financially.
  • Job perks: Many contract jobs typically offer perks alongside the regular rate of pay. This can help you make more with your delivery driver work than the standard.

#23 DHL

Earning potential: Up to $38 per hour

For those wanting an on-the-road job, DHL is a popular option. DHL drivers are among the highest-paid drivers, although the hourly rate of pay can be highly variable for drivers.


#24 United Parcel Service (UPS)

Earning potential: Up to $28 per hour

As an international brand, UPS is a great place to start your search if you've been looking for parcel delivery work. Pay rates can vary per hour, but most people make up to about $28 per hour.


#25 FedEx Express

Earning potential: Up to $19 per hour

One of the most well-known delivery companies has to be FedEx, for which the Express service is one of the most popular. These jobs include collecting and delivering packages directly to customers.

Try FedEx


If you've been looking for ways to earn more from your delivery work, starting with the best gigs can be incredibly helpful. Luckily, we've outlined some of the key things you need to know about finding delivery driver work as follows. Hopefully, this will allow you to boost your income and find the perfect opportunities for your requirements.

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