About us

The most important part of the gig economy is the worker - you.

The gig apps should work for you, too often it feels like they work against you.

As a group, gig workers have the power to change this.

Every worker who joins the platform contributes to the group’s knowledge - your data will help others, and the collective insights will help you.

Manage different apps and opportunities from one command center

Know when and where to work - making the most with your time

Own your work history & easily apply to multiple opportunities

Know what you actually make - per hour and after costs

Have a community of your peers

Access cross-platform benefits

along with a small and dedicated team of awesome people !

Is this free?

Yes this is free. We will not charge gig workers to use this tool. The current costs for this are not high (other than effort) and our team is paying for this ourselves.

What do you do with my data? Are you going to sell my data?

We use your data to offer you insights about your work history. Your data is also aggregated anonymously with others' to provide city-level insights. We will never sell your data. And we will delete your data if 1) you disconnect a linked gig-app 2) if you delete your account with us.

Do you store my login information ? Can you access my accounts ?

Your login credentials are secure - we never receive a copy of your login info. It is encrypted and sent directly to your chosen app, allowing us to securely retrieve trip data from them. We are not able to access your accounts. When you disconnect a linked gig-app, we also delete all data related to that app.

Are you working with any of these gig apps?


Does this work in my city?

The personal information on your profile is available everywhere (once you’ve connected accounts). We are only able to offer city-level insights once enough people in an area have signed up (~50 people). So refer your friends if this is not yet available in your city !

How can I get more involved ?

Whether you want to help be a city launcher for your city or just want to give us your thoughts and feedback, we'd love to hear from you. Please reach out to david@withpara.com or jeff@withpara.com